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    Deer Rifle Poll

    My first 20 years of hunting I used a .270. Most of the deer I have killed were with a .270. Been using a 6.5 for past few years.
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    Favorite caliber and factory load ammo for deer.

    143 gr Hornady Precision Hunter for 6.5
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    12 Nov Roll Call

    Had a heavy rack 8 point at 2 yards earlier. Borderline shooter. Was tempted. 11 does. Nothing else.
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    Soybean harvest

    I agree with Adam. Beans are great early when they are all green. Once they are dried up, I see more deer in the fields with the beans gone.
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    New bucks

    I think that is three bucks. First picture has two even brows. Surely not that buck with the messed up right brow and definitely not that one with the two big brows.
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    Wounded buck

    Yes. I meant to say mine was just above the spine.
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    Autumn Olive berries ? How do you use them?

    Make jelly out of them. It’s really good. The juice from this is a bit tart but good for you. Going to make some fruit roll ups from them this weekend. Don’t matter how many we cut down they are always there. Might as well make use of them. My kids really enjoy them.
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    Wounded buck

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    Wounded buck

    My dad put an arrow right through one last year first week of October. Hit just below the spine. After the shot the deer actually came by my stand at 75 yards and just stood there until dark. We tracked blood but didn’t find him until I shot him chasing a doe second weekend of rifle season...
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    Once you have dug some, you will start to recognize the places it will grow. Crazy enough, one of the best spots I have is near a creek in a pine forest. Only thing that is on the ground. I stumbled upon it one day trying to take a shortcut back to the truck. Will usually dig a couple dry pounds...
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    Tree ID, please...

    Autumn Olive. Eat them up. Really good for you and very tasty. Cut all of them down other than a couple though. They will take over.
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    Electronic Federal Duck Stamp

    You may but not for your e stamp. Nothing wrong with having it.
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    21/22 Super Thread

    Had a group of 18 ducks fly over the house this afternoon. Not sure what they were but they appeared to be bigger birds.
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    Shaking my head!

    They have hit my yard over the past 4-5 days. Never seen them before. My front yard is about half an acre. It looked great last Wednesday when I mowed. It is half dead today.
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    2021 Shed Thread

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    20-21 season thread

    Have had a few places we hunt overrun with ducks the past week. Geese seemed to have moved on unfortunately.
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    Was down at our farm last Thursday and had a group of five bucks all carrying both sides. Would bet in another couple weeks most will have dropped.
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    2021 Shed Thread

    I found one that was at least 2-3 years old a couple weeks ago when out checking cameras. Amazing how easily this one had been looked over. Probably won’t start looking real hard for a couple more weeks.
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    Carlisle county

    Carlisle County is far from Carlisle
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    Hit my first deer

    Hit one a few years ago. Was going about 20 mph because I saw them coming. First one ran head on into my truck. Went over the hood and windshield and landed in the bed before jumping out and running on. One of the craziest things I ever saw.

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