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    Possible tournament at the SPORTSMAN'S OUTDOOR EXPO

    Hey guys! I'm the event coordinator for the upcoming SPORTSMAN'S OUTDOOR EXPO in Hancock County, Kentucky October 4, 2008. We are considering hosting a tournament on the Ohio on the morning of October 4th. I know it's not prime bass season but would you be interested? We would blast off at...
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    Where did the turkeys go?

    Love wild turkey. Enjoy hunting them just as much. Hope for a bow kill in the last days of the 07-08 season. Tell me this, as I drive through the country I see flocks of birds here and there and never in the same place twice it seems. Are wild turkeys really that migratory? My deer cams...
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    How do you stop the nocturnal appearance of deer?

    My trail cams get lots of good pics AT NIGHT. You can schedule the deer to show up at feeders 30 minutes before first sign of daylight and 30 minutes after it's too dark to see you sight pins. Changing their habbit may not be so much ME as weather, barometric pressure, leaving the feeder empty...
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    How many times in th woods before success?

    I have just starting hunt deer this year - bow and gun (love it!). Have cameras and feeders and a plot and a lot of woods as well as some grassland. Lot's of pic's especially nocturnal. Have seen deer in range twice. Once was a young buck (no shooter) and a doe (attempted shot with bow)...

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