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    Laural River Lake trout fishing

    Any info on how the trout fishing is doing I haven't fished all year been working out of the area and just want a relaxing trip 9/7- 9/8 . I enjoy trolling as a way to relax. I've only tried trolling Laural once with some success, I have down riggers on the boat so depth is not an issue. I...
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    Night trout bite at Laural

    Anyone doing any night trout fishing at Laurel this year. I use to go 6+ years ago and did pretty well under the lights. Went last year and got skunked same area in deep water within eye sight of the dam is where I would go.
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    Night time crappie fishing

    I haven't done a lot of crappie fishing but I sure like fishing under the lights at night. When would be a good time of year to head out? After the spawn? Say mid/ June? Or is it more about water temps.
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    Laural River lake trout stocking

    I ha a long Xmas break was thinking of going to laural lake if they have stocked it with trout yet, it may be a little early to go . I could not find it on the kdfw site. Anyone have any info? Thanks
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    Laural River trout bite

    Has anyone heard how the night bite was for trout at Laural . Thinking of heading at the next new moon.

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