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    White Bass Spawn Dates

    Does anyone know when the White Bass spawn starts? I'm hoping to go catch some in the Nolin River this year.
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    It's crazy how much season lengths vary from state to state

    This is how long the gun seasons are for various states: Ohio: Modern gun 9 days, Muzzleloader 4 days Illinois: Modern gun 7 days, Muzzleloader 3 days West Virginia: Modern gun 12 days, Muzzleloader 6 days Tennessee: Modern gun 55 days, Muzzleloader 14 days Alabama: Modern gun 93 days...
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    When have you killed most of your deer - Evening or Morning hunts?

    I started off being more successful in the evening, but the last few seasons I've been having more luck in the mornings. How about you guys?
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    Fort Knox Isportsman checkout not working

    Anyone else having trouble with the Fort Knox isportsman site? I just killed a bird and went to check out, but when I try to enter the spur length, it won't allow me to do put in a number, or progress to the end of checkout. Going to call hunt control when they open. FYI for anyone else hunting...
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    Fort Knox Area 45

    Does anyone know which roads to take to get to this area? If they ever open it up to scout, I intend on driving out there one of these days to look for turkey sign. From the map, it looks like there is a gate that blocks you from getting all the way down Mount Eden Church road to area 45.
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    Rifle holder?

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about my setup for next year and I was wondering if any of you use a rifle holder in your tree stands. Seems like it would be a nice thing to have for all day sits when you want to eat. I have a Summit Viper climber that I would be attaching it to.

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