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  1. Gun7alk

    Dog with hip broken hip.. Anybody?

    Our first baby got hit by a car 2 days ago.. lucky to be alive. She doesn’t chase cars and knows better than to be in the road when someone is coming. Just a freak accident. Sad to see her in the shape she is in. She spent one day at the vet just getting urgent care until we could bring her...
  2. Gun7alk


    Anybody ever shot a Mandarin duck around here before? We shot one this evening. I'm sure it's rare to see one around here but then again it's rare to see many ducks at all here. Shot a bunch of wood ducks this evening, not sure if it was just lost in a wad with them or a whole group by...
  3. Gun7alk

    For Sale: Thompson Center ThunderHawk Muzzleloader ($75 OBO)

    I have a wood stock .50 cal Thompson Center ThumderHawk for sale. Great condition and shoots perfect. Asking $75 OBO
  4. Gun7alk

    Spring Squirrel Season

    Anybody going after them this weekend? I'll be frog gigging at night and then getting up early and walking the woods. Hopefully the weather will change and the rain will miss us.
  5. Gun7alk

    Let's see your turkey gun setup & pattern

    Benelli Nova Black synthetic stock 24in barrel Primos TightWad choke Hevi-Shot Magnum Blend Heres a pattern at 35 yards from last year.. Will take some better ones at longer ranges and update.
  6. Gun7alk

    How do y'all like this weather?

    12+ inches of snow and counting. Main roads are just as bad as the side roads where I'm at. Hard to tell the ditch from the black top. Not sure I'll be able to get out any this weekend, as bad as I'd like too. Im hoping for a repeat of last years big snow though. As soon as things started to...
  7. Gun7alk

    A few fox squirrels

    Got a few the other day and one unique one. These guys were real big, never seen so much fat on a squirrel before. Head and underside was solid black. Rare from what I've heard. Anybody ever killed one like it?
  8. Gun7alk

    A picture summing up my duck season so far

    It's been a tough one.
  9. Gun7alk

    Opening weekend success

    I feel sorry for anybody trying to duck hunt this past weekend. I traveled to the Ohio River around the Ohio/Indiana line for a deer hunt. Wanted to stay home and kill ducks but it looks like I didn't miss anything. Went opening morning on the lake and seen 30-40 ducks, mostly resident woodies...
  10. Gun7alk

    How much per acre?

    How much is the average $ per acre on a deer lease? i know this has been asked and I've seen threads but couldn't remember. Tried searching but couldn't find any
  11. Gun7alk

    Forum problems again

    Same thing as last time.. Getting randomly redirected to ad sites and to the App Store.
  12. Gun7alk


    Anybody else's going to ads as soon as you click on threads? It's getting annoying Mine opens up the App Store and goes to the words with friends app as soon as I go to click on a thread
  13. Gun7alk


    Anybody seeing any scrapes pop up yet? I found the first one of the season yesterday evening.
  14. Gun7alk

    Should I wait?

    Only one of the fields I have permission for has been cut so far. It's holding some doves right now but not a whole lot. Probably 50-75. Think it would make any difference if I shot a few today? I'm thinking about holding off until Saturday morning and maybe some more will pile in there by then.
  15. Gun7alk

    New one on camera

    Had a pretty good one show up on camera on my last check. Hopefully he'll hang around until the 5th and show up. Any guesses on age and score?
  16. Gun7alk

    What is this?

    I have a pond that I fish occasionally that has these round balls of slime in them. Some of them are pretty big. Here's a few pics
  17. Gun7alk

    Turkey Hunter

    Look to the right of the picture, i wonder if he's had more luck than i have.
  18. Gun7alk

    Decoy Spread for turkeys

    What kind of decoy set up are you guys using this spring? Right now I have 3 dozen Eastern hens, along with two dozen jakes, and a half dozen fully flocked strutter decoys. I think I'm gonna use the J hook pattern with the Mojo Gobbler on the inside edge. Then I'll set the layout blinds on...
  19. Gun7alk

    A few pictures from the wood duck hole

    Little late on this, just got around to uploading them. That mallard pair was the only other kind of duck that i got an camera at that pond through the entire season. I walked in to change the cards one day and counted 53 wood ducks flying off of it.

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