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    10 Point Buck I killed on 11/15/2013

    Shot this buck on 11/15/13 at 2:15 PM in zone 4. I was about to give up and go home, and then I heard something coming down the point to a big flat on the side of the hill. . . I looked with my binoculars and seen a doe coming down the hill. . . I hit the grunt call and then the buck came...
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    Re-size Pictures!

    Is there anyway a Moderator could ''re-size'' some of the pictures here ? Or, tell everyone to re-size pictures ''before'' posting them. Its hard to see most of the pictures because they're too large! This link is a great place to ''re-size pictures''. Thanks!
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    Need Advice On Seed For A Food-plot For Deer ??

    I was lookin' on Bass Pro at food-plot seed, and there is so much to try and pick from. Can anyone please give me some advice on what type of seed would be best to plant for deer ?? I was wanting seed that would come back next year. . I seen some that said once you planted the seed, It would...
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    Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Black Lab Pup ?

    *I didn't know where to put this thread... Sorry if its in the wrong place... Mods please move it if it is.* Does anyone know where I can buy a Black Lab pup for my son ?... I live in Johnson, County Ky. I just got my son into hunting a couple years ago.. Now he said he would like a Black Lab...

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