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    Trout stocking

    Anyone catching trout out of Laurel Lake yet?
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    Laural River Lake trout fishing

    Yah I caught allot of fish and I'am not complaining. If had gone bass fishing ( not trolling) it would have been my better summer fishing trips. Not the biggest bass just qualityand there sure were allot of them.
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    Laural River Lake trout fishing

    Yah way to much light where I was at, the schools of shad all over the top of water looked as though they glowed, looked really cool. Don't know when I will go next but the way the water temps are, there still might be night trips available in the next month.
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    Laural River Lake trout fishing

    OK once again I went down with the hopes of catching some trout, this time I anchored at night near the dam . Not one bite, I scooped up some shad used those, used night crawlers, corn, power bait corn, tried depths from 15 to 50 ft under the lights. Fished till 1am. Nothing not one bite but the...
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    I went looking for the southern start fish fry came up worth this information on another web site. I don't know if any of you have tried this or not, but it's the best fish fry seasoning I have ever tasted. I used it around 20 yrs. ago but they went out of buisiness. I happened to find an old...
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    Laural River Lake trout fishing

    Well at least the weather was nice. Went Thursday after work got there just before dark. Talked with the girl at the counter at Holly she said one of the guys at night goes straight out and towards the island and anchors in deep water and usually does good under lights. Well not so much for me...
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    Laural River Lake trout fishing

    Thanks for the replies, after I posted this my trip was canceled now its back on again :). I just hope the weather cooperates. So is allot of the boat traffic diminished after this long weekend. I sure hope so. It would be nice to go on the weekend for a change.
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    Laural River Lake trout fishing

    Thanks for the info, I'll give it a shot. You mention limiting out on walleye, I caught one by accident trolling there along time ago. Do you have any advice for walleye fishing there, that was one of the tastiest fish I've ever eaten.
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    Laural River Lake trout fishing

    Any info on how the trout fishing is doing I haven't fished all year been working out of the area and just want a relaxing trip 9/7- 9/8 . I enjoy trolling as a way to relax. I've only tried trolling Laural once with some success, I have down riggers on the boat so depth is not an issue. I...
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    Anyone Use a Green underwater light

    Sounds like whatever you use you'd better bolt it down.
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    Anyone Use a Green underwater light

    Do you have electricity to the dock or will you be using a 12volt battery. Lights are very cheap and easy to build . What depth of water is under the dock is not to deep a floating or a suspended light would be all you would need, I do use green on all of my lights but for years it was a...
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    Had some fun with trout yesterday..

    I got what you meant, but even as cheap as I am I wont drive a KIA , I do have some standards not many but some Thanks and good fishing.
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    Had some fun with trout yesterday..

    I was with you till the KIA reference
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    New Electronics

    I looked at those as well, I'll have to pass . They look great and would control my trolling motor but unless the lottery pays off in a big way I cant justify it to myself let alone my wife.
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    Onboard charger question

    I recently upgraded my trolling motor to a 36volt XI5 , can't say enough good things about this motor especially if you fish alone like I do 95% of the time. I put in a MinnKota MK 330D On-Board Battery Charger (3 Banks, 10 Amps per Bank) I paid a little over 200.Works great. I moved my 2 bank...
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    Night trout bite at Laural

    Anyone doing any night trout fishing at Laurel this year. I use to go 6+ years ago and did pretty well under the lights. Went last year and got skunked same area in deep water within eye sight of the dam is where I would go.
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    Fish finder /depth gauge

    Here is a link for one that attaches to the boat but its a couple of hundred. But it shows what I was talking about mounting one vertically. You look around to buy a used on and attach it your self. I have a 20year old depth finders that still work great on my float tube. Transducers are the...
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    Maxima ultra green, I use it for 90% of all non braid applications. Super soft, limp and great knot strength . And you wont have to respool near as often.
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    Stocking quail??

    I know its an old thread, but I just bought 60 acres, it has a 1+ acre pond, its hilly about 30 acres are wooded and the rest is grass and weeds. I'm wanting to plant birds just to have some running around not to hunt. How did the stocking work out for everyone
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    Stocking Talapia in a farm pond

    Thanks for the reply, 540$ is a little steep for fish food. I might try it on a much smaller scale just to see what happens. Did you have to get any special permits to stock them in your pond?