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  1. LuckyMan

    KY Archery elk report

    Any archery elk reports? Archery season did open today didn’t it?
  2. LuckyMan

    Browning X Bolt Western Hunter .26 Nosler

    Browning X Bolt Western Hunter .26 Nosler. 4 1/2 boxes Nosler 140gr Accubonds. I chronographed the gun with these 140gr and shot a 3 shot average of 3215fps. Hunted with it 2 seasons in Wyoming and killed both mule deer and antelope. Asking $1050, will not sell ammo separate from gun. Selling...
  3. LuckyMan

    Vortex Viper PST 6x24x50 FFP

    Vortex Viper PST 6x24x50 FFP EBR-1 MOA Illuminated reticle. 30mm tube. $350PM if interested.
  4. LuckyMan

    Elk draw results 2022 are posted

    Results are now posted on the KDFWR website.
  5. LuckyMan

    Week 2 Bull Firearm

    Was just drawn for a week 2 Bull firearm tag! Cannot believe it. This is my 19th year applying and 1st time getting drawn. I guess persistence does pay off. Now I have to figure out the rest.
  6. LuckyMan

    Remington Sendero 300 Ultra Mag

    *Remington Sendero 300 Ultra Mag. VAIS muzzle brake. *DNZ 1 piece machined aluminum 30mm base. *Redding 3 piece deluxe die set. *Partial box of Berger 210g VLD bullets - 100 + left in box. *46 reloads - with the 210g Bergers VLD’s. Will provide all reload specs with loads. *30 empty brass...
  7. LuckyMan

    Another Trespasser

    Had another trespasser this evening. This farm is gated and posted. Farm is on Pumpkin Hollow Road Menifee County. If anyone can make out who this is and lead me to them I will pay you a fair price. I am tired of these no good trespassers. Unbelievable!
  8. LuckyMan


    I know it is a long shot but I had this trespassing POS on my farm last night. Have pics of them in every field that they could ride to. I am sure that they were trying to poach something. They had to drive around a locked gate with posted signs to get into the farm. The picture isn’t very...
  9. LuckyMan

    ISO: 28ga Single barrel

    In search of a 28ga single barrel. If you have one or know of one that can be parted with let me know. Thanks.
  10. LuckyMan

    Commercial French fry cutter $75

    Brand new in the box French fry cutter. $75. PM me for more information.
  11. LuckyMan

    Propane Patio Heater $50

    Propane Patio heater. Works great. $75. PM me for more information.
  12. LuckyMan

    SOLD - Assortment of fishing tackle $100

    Spring cleaning! Have an assortment fishing related items. Everything in the pictures go to the first $100. The plastics alone will cost more than that. Plastic worms, brush hogs, tubes. Crank baits, spinner baits, minnow bucket, couple old rod and reel combos. Not exactly sure what they are and...
  13. LuckyMan

    Sold - Craftsman bench grinder $25

    Craftsman bench grinder. $25 PM me for more information.
  14. LuckyMan

    Porter Cable Scroll Saw $200

    Porter Cable variable speed scroll saw. Bought this saw new and used for one project. Includes 2 packs of blades. $200. PM me for more information.
  15. LuckyMan

    Ruger LCP .380 NIB $250

    New in the box Ruger LCP .380. Never fired. $250 or possible trade. Message me for more information.
  16. LuckyMan

    SOLD - Ruger American .300 BLACKOUT $475.00

    Ruger American .300 Blackout. Nikon Buckmaster 4x12x40 BDC reticle scope. $425 or possible trade. PM me for more information.
  17. LuckyMan

    Stolen Trailer

    Just as an FYI: I had GatorMade 6x12 single axle trailer with a spring assist lift gate stolen from my back yard Sunday night June 2nd. (Clark County KY) I brought this trailer new and have turned the serial number and paper work over the the sheriff. I have also turned over security camera...