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  1. ceg4uk

    Big bass, small pond

    Got my wife in on the action, too.
  2. ceg4uk

    Big bass, small pond

    smiley-faced bobber, I meant to say. Not the little crappie he was looking for.
  3. ceg4uk

    Big bass, small pond

    Dad caught a nice one tonight on a Zebco 33 and small crappie jig under a smiley
  4. ceg4uk

    Dodge Durango

    Just bought a 2014 Dodge Durango with the 5.7 Hemi engine. I want to bump the hp to 400 (factory lists it at 360), since I can't have a sports car right now. Figured I would tinker with this. Have a Mopar cold air intake ordered. Any other ideas that I can waste good money on? I do not want...
  5. ceg4uk

    Who was is that wanted the picture of The house cat that looks like a bobcat

    Commonly referred to as a "souped up wild cat."
  6. ceg4uk

    Nashville, St. Louis, Cincinnati, or Indianapolis?

    Indy has the top-rated children's museum and a pretty darn good zoo, too. Lot's of shopping and good food if that is your thing. They also have a hotel (sorry, I forget the name) that has suites and a pretty cool indoor water park area.
  7. ceg4uk

    Ohio River Smallmouth

    Uniontown, Union County.
  8. ceg4uk

    Biggest bass of his 8 years.

    Caught at Pawpaw's from the paddleboat again. Second one is Pawpaw holding his other large bass so he can take the pic.
  9. ceg4uk

    Bass fishin' from a paddle boat.

    The boy is wearing Pawaw out with fishing. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. ceg4uk

    Ohio River Smallmouth

    Took my son to a gravel bar to fish for white bass, and we caught a lot! Of the 50+ only about 4 were keepers. The surprise of the day was this nice smallie my son caught (along with another smaller one I caught).
  11. ceg4uk

    Snake stories??? Or assorted varmint stories gone wrong?

    While catching bait with a cast net from the beach, do not attempt to hand-feed greater snowy egrets (regardless of the number of beers you have ingested during the day) because they just might get excited and mistake your finger for the bait fish. Did you know that their bills are serrated...
  12. ceg4uk

    too much tebow

    Bingo. To the point.
  13. ceg4uk

    The new year has not been so great...

    Regarding the chopping off of hands, a thief who was caught stealing decoys from me and required to pay restitution, came back to Court because he hadn't been paying. Seems he was messing with some "homemade" fireworks and was struck by lightning, causing the powerful firework to explode in his...
  14. ceg4uk

    This years season in pictures

    Jesus forgives you. Now if he'd only answer my prayers for ducks.
  15. ceg4uk

    I nearly really screwed up.

    Must resist urge to comment...
  16. ceg4uk

    Songs That Get You Pumped Up…

    Monster by Skillet is one of the newer songs I like. Still stuck on 80's metal.
  17. ceg4uk

    Taxidermist in KY

    Or you could do taxi cab confessions.
  18. ceg4uk

    Kentucky To Release 996 Inmates Tuesday....WHAT????

    Back in the day, there were a lot less laws and everything wasn't criminalized. Heck, nobody knew what a "controlled substance" was. I agree that we should turn back the clock to that time. Good idea!
  19. ceg4uk

    Here is a good MERGANSER recipe

    My former BIL drank 12 beers and still couldn't tolerate a hoodie.
  20. ceg4uk

    Taxidermist in KY

    Don't mount a stinky goose unless you whacked it with a 2 iron on the back 9. Now that's respectable!