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  1. Thomas Roberts

    Boys in the girls bathroom

    Yep, nothing more pressing going on in this country than putting boys in the girls bathroom. I'm gonna be sick.
  2. Thomas Roberts

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Thomas Roberts

    Predator hunting

    Anyone in Grayson county willing to show a newbie the ropes on predator hunting? I've shot plenty of coyotes while deer hunting but never actually done a predator hunt. Love to get into it. I have my 22.250 setup for out to 300 yards.
  4. Thomas Roberts

    Last day of muzzle loader

    Well it's the last day of muzzle loader. I'm up getting the coffee heated up. Back to the bow tomorrow. Good luck and be safe everyone. Have a great day!
  5. Thomas Roberts

    Last day of modern rifle. Who's up?

    Coffee is on. Headed out shortly for the Last day of rifle season. Got some meat in the freezer. Trying to ad to it today. Good luck and be safe everyone.
  6. Thomas Roberts

    Asian lady beetles

    The beetles have landed! Let the madness begin:confused::mad:
  7. Thomas Roberts

    Early muzzle loader

    Weather is supposed to be cooler this weekend. Should see good movement for early muzzle loader.
  8. Thomas Roberts

    First night in the stand this season

    Trying to post pictures but it keeps telling me the file is too big. Technology is great.
  9. Thomas Roberts

    Ballard wma

    Anyone ever hunted the Ballard wma?
  10. Thomas Roberts

    First Robin Hood

    Okay so I'm definitely a carbon fan. My first ever Robin Hood. Now that I got it out of my system I'll shoot at different spots on the bag. Thank you to everyone for their advise and information.
  11. Thomas Roberts

    Carbons on a budget

    I'm finally making the change from aluminum to carbons. The prices vary a lot. What are the best carbons for a blue collar budget?
  12. Thomas Roberts


    Is anyone having any luck on WMA's? Not asking for anyone's honey hole location. Just curious if anyone is finding them worth messing with or is it better to find a lease or club.