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  1. Backwater

    Hopkins County Monster

    I posted this in another thread but realized it might be easily over looked not being on the first page. I don't know any information other than whats in the article...
  2. Backwater

    New to the camera world, curious on age and score

    Pretty new to this deer hunting and put out a Moultrie M-100 two weeks ago. I captured this deer on camera many times and I am curious on the age and score of this deer. Still on the fence whether I want to give him another year or not. Thanks in advance.
  3. Backwater

    First buck, not a giant.

    Havn't deer hunted in 10 years or more and decided to give it another chance this year. I set it the stand til around lunch time seeing no action so I decided to take a boat ride. On my way back as I came around the creek bend by my stand, I see this buck chasing a doe under my stand. As he...
  4. Backwater

    What yall think about my new boat?

    I sometimes wonder if this duck hunting thing is worth it. No damage, just time wasted :rolleyes:
  5. Backwater

    Thought i had seen it all...

    Went to launch on a local river and ended up putting in behind a mazda tribute pulling a 8-10' plastic pelican "duck boat'' powered by a minn kota. These boys had matching camo, matching leafy suits and all the evidence to charge them with the crime of being camo sexuals, were they from Aintry...
  6. Backwater

    B.M. and Wyle E, i tried to tell you

    we had 2 extra seats in the blind with me and fowlerhowler! Not too shabby considering they were shot over 2 or 3 bluebill decoys and a mallard machine since we forgot all our decoys at home. :) and some extra crisp!
  7. Backwater

    Your thoughts?

    Got a 4 year old brown lab thats got a problem. Everytime i leave for a few hours i come back and he has used the "potty" in the floor. This led me to do some research. Found this neat new product...any of yall tried it? Looks like itll work but wanted yall's thoughts first...
  8. Backwater

    Tuff Decision

    Was shopping around today on wing supply and came across them. Worth the $59.99? Baby Mojo
  9. Backwater

    O.H. Napier

    May have been brought up before but i was on youtube and came across this guy from Breathitt County. Check him out on youtube. White trash finest.
  10. Backwater

    Harmless Surprise

    Did pretty good today out in the swamp. Fowlerhowler should have some videos and more pictures... couple fatties ill let fowlerhowler post what was in this one...
  11. Backwater

    Here you go Wyle.

    04/30/09 couple mistake snakes in the pile i believe but they was a good target. They acted like cottonmouths so they were shot but after closer look they have the triagle head but different pattern and tail
  12. Backwater

    Anybody want to...

    go woodduck hunting with me and "Matro" in the CCWMA come september? Should have some good shootin! Enjoy...
  13. Backwater

    18th hole

  14. Backwater

    Thanks for breakfast Wyle E. Coyote!

    The HB's is da bomb!
  15. Backwater

    Public Ground

    I love fighten the crowd!
  16. Backwater

    Days Like These...

    are hard to beat. Woke up this morning round 4:15, loaded up the wagon and headed out to meet my old man down there at Hucks. We both settled for our favorite cappuccino and some dolly madison doughnuts and some swisher sweets for the road. We jumped in the Kia and headed west in high hopes...
  17. Backwater

    You think it will hold, Triton?

    Just got it back, gots to paint it up and mount the winch to my receiver setup.
  18. Backwater


    Man you guys seen them mallard pulsators? I went over to Fowlerhowlers house yesterday and he was out in his mommas fish pond with one them bad dudes. Look like them things gonna help us out this year. I may ask for one from santa if they help us kills some more ducks. What them things run...
  19. Backwater

    What bout all this water?

    Been out checkin my fields and what ya know, i got some water to hunt. Lookin for someone to tag along to set out decoys for me, im getting to old. Any takers?