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    Muzzle loader sales ?

    Is it ok to list black powder guns for sale on here since an ffl is not required ?
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    Coyote drag????

    What is an easy way to make acoyote drag. One that loops over the paw and cinches tight.
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    22-250 accuracy issues

    Im having trouble getting my 22-250 to shoot 55gr ammo. It has a 1/14 twist. Is that too slow for 55gr bullets. Also, it shoots the winchester white box 45gr stuff great. How does this load work on yotes. Have not tried 50gr ammo yet.
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    45 cal hawken or seneca ?

    Thinking about selling my 50 cal tc encore and getting a hawken or seneca in 45 cal. I just want to go back to something more traditional. Back in the 80s i had a tc 50 cal renegade. I kinda miss those days. Back then it was about the kill. Now i just like the challenge and tradition. My...
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    easy or quick glide sabots

    I have some 300gr xtp .452 bullets i want to shoot in my tc encore. Normal sabots are just too hard to load. Where can i find the easy load sabots and are they really easy to load. I have been using powerbelts and they are very easy to load.
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    Springfield XD ???

    Looking at purchasing a Springfield XDM 9MM 3.8. Does anyone have any experience with these pistols. Are they reliable? Comes with a 13 and 19 round clips.
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    Finally !!!!!

    I have been trying to harvest a predator with a .22 magnum rimfire now for many years. I have done much research on the topic and have asked questions on the subject on this forum. Jimmy has been most helpful on this topic. I have come to the conclusion that the .22 mag is more than enough gun...
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    cool predator decoy.

    Im new to the forum scene so forgive me if i bring up some old news. Hunting buddy of mine turned me on to a really cool decoy about a year or so ago. Its cheap($40), light, easy to carry in my pack with caller, got great motion and comes with 3 or 4 different lures that you can change out. I...
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    BB shot on yotes

    has anyone used the 3 inch 17/8 ounce BB load federal makes on yotes? it is a lead load not steel.
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    .22 mag. for yotes and cats.

    I have a sweet savage .22 mag with 24 inch heavy barrel. My load of choice has been the win. supreme 34gr load. It is wonderfully accurate and works great on coons, crows, and feral cats. I have places i hunt where i can only use a rimfire. I dont think the 34gr load will give me adequate...
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    yote hunting LBL

    When does yote season close at LBL.