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    199 3/8 public land buck.

    Killed in Henderson co.
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    Huge. Info needed.

    Any info on this buck. I was told it came from Henderson county.
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    Got the lease....Now what?

    I've been working on leasing this peice of property for over 8 years, finally I got it. It isa 10 year lease on 325 acres all woods surround by cropland on all sides that we farm, exept for one farm that joins a small portion on the west side. There are 6 of us in on the lease all family. My...
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    Halloween is over!!!

    Quit feedin the coyotes treats full of razor blades. With the amount of bad shots I've heard about this year there will be scavengers taking carcesses to the hospital to get xrayed like they do kids candy on halloween. IMO Unless you shoot a bow for a living or shoot every day you shouldnt...
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    Help me judge this one?

    These are the only pics I have of this buck, I'm thinking 8 point 130ish.
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    Another Island for sale.

    The famed French Island #2 will be sold at auction the end of this month. I think there is a duck hole and a pit on this one. I think .5 mill might get this one.
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    The Drawing is over!!

    Record number of people, still managed to get drawn. 100 went home disappointed. Anybody care to share some info on blind 31 shoot me a pm please.
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    Diamond Island Auction

    Diamond Island is to be sold Nov. 17th. What do you think it will bring and who do you think will buy it.:cool:
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    Season is over......not for the cam thieves.

    My wife got me a new cam for Xmas and its already been stolen! This sucks they got a cuddieback about a month ago now my truth cam is gone. Guess I'm gonna have to boobie trap them or something. I am 90% sure it is coon hunters lots of dog and human tracks, and they are getting them at night.
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    Just saw a large migration of Penguins headed north. When does school start back?:cool:
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    Ice eater worth it?

    Thinking about investing in an Ice eater, would like to here from those with expirences with them before I take the plunge.
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    Great 8's

    Post up your great eights, heres a couple of mine.
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    The scope, the kid, and the huge 10 pt.

    Took my 9 year old brother Sat. morning saw a few deer, Then the big 10 point showed up and worked in to 25 yrds stopped and got a drink. He couldn't find it in his scope! I kept waiting for a boom and all I heard is "I can't find it, I can't find it" The buck finally heard us bumbling around...
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    Brothers 150, Cousins 140, and my 133.

    It was a magical opening day for us, alot of work and scouting all came together.If someone can make it larger please do.
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    taxidernist help around Owensboro

    My guy that used to mount my deer quit and I need to find a taxidermist around the Owensboro, Evansville area.
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    133, 140,and 150 (pics coming soon)

    I got a 133 10 point sat. morning, my 14 year old cousin got a 140 9 point that afternoon, and my brother got a 150 10 point that afternoon pretty good opener. All hot on does. My deer is the only one we had trail cam pics of. I will post pics soon as I get them on photo bucket.
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    Proud of the kiddos

    No deer taken but good hunts all around. I asked my 14 year old cousin how he did, he said he saw 2 bucks a chocolate racked 8 point and a seven, he said they needed a year of 2. On our hunt we saw some does and a small buck when I asked little man if he wanted to take one he said the buck was...
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    Any confirmation on a Webster co bruiser?

    I hear 190+ anybody got a pic, story, name??????
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    How often do you check your cams?

    Just wondering, just got my first cam (cheap tasco from Wally World) put it out for 2 days and had 15 pics almost all deer. Its addictive, I want to check it every day. How often do you guys check yours?