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  1. Big Jo

    African WORK

    I completed some African work. Here’s a couple photo’s. We have some of The BEST African Work in the WORLD!
  2. Big Jo

    Elk & Antelope

    I mounted these two ANTELOPE & ELK - KY
  3. Big Jo

    Larg BUCK 172

    Mounted this BIG BUCK taken in PULASKI Co Ky this past Archery season by Chris BURTON. Scored 172,
  4. Big Jo

    14 pt BUCK

    Hey GUYS Archery SEASON is just about here. I just finished this Very NICE BUCK taken in Pulaski Co KY last deer season! A Big congratulations to Anthony Coffey. Thanks Anthony!
  5. Big Jo

    Black BEAR

    I just mounted this half body Black Bear today taken in Maine last fall!
  6. Big Jo

    Full BODY Pie Bald

    This deer was taken in Whitley CoKY This past ARCHERY season,
  7. Big Jo


    I mounted this Big Grizzly!
  8. Big Jo

    Big BUCK

    I just finished this BIG 14 pt BUCK (180s) taken by David Hart in HART Co KY this past gun season. Thanks David for bringing your BIG Trophy Buck to me for mounting!
  9. Big Jo

    Velvet BUCK

    I just finished this Record BOOK Velvet Buck (190,s) one of THE largest BUCKS taken by bow in KY This past Archery Season. A Big congratulations to Marty Denny of Paris, KY. THANKS Marty for BRINGING your Record Book BUCK To me for mounting.
  10. Big Jo


    Here’s the LATEST DEER MOUNT TAKEN IN PULUSKI CO! Scored 168. Merry Christmas EVERYONE! I’am OVERWHELMED with work!
  11. Big Jo

    Whiskey BARREL BUCKS

    I mounted both these record book bucks taken by Chris BURTON of PULASKI Co KY. One on the left scored 173 taken last year, one on the right 168 taken last month with his BOW! Congratulations Chris!
  12. Big Jo

    Piebald Button BUCK

    Congratulations to Arron Peace of WHITLEY Co. KY for taking this Piebald DEER with his Bow on the 21sr of Sept this year in Whitley Co. I just mounted this full body deer this week. Thanks Arron for bringing your Trophy to me for mounting.
  13. Big Jo

    Might be a KY record ELK

    A big congratulations to TODD AYERS for taking this Hugh KY ELK today. He was using Lost Mountain OUTFITTERS!
  14. Big Jo

    Big Elk

    A Big Congratulations to Jerry Nolan of Manchester KY for taking this Hugh 7x6 Bull Elk last season in Clay Co KY. I finished it couple days ago & it’s now hanging on his wall. Thanks Jerry for your Business!
  15. Big Jo

    Pulaski Co BUCK

    I just mounted this Deerhead which was taken this past gun season by Chris Burton of Somerset KY. This Buck scored 173 6/8 congratulations Chris!
  16. Big Jo

    Tri Acta DEER Mount

    I mounted this for a customer of mine. His 8 year old son killed two of the three mounted. His first buck is the Top one.
  17. Big Jo


    I want to wish all my friends here a Very MERRY Christmas! I just finished this Table Ped Elk mount which was taken by a 15 year old young lady here in KY With her BOW.
  18. Big Jo

    Monster BUCK

    Congratulations to JUSTIN CANDIDO of Somerset KY who killed this deer with his BOW IN Somerset KY a couple weeks ago. This is as of date The LARGEST WHITETAIL DEER TAKEN IN KY WITH A BOW this year. It green scored 236 with 26 scorable points. Thanks Justin for bringing YOUR MONSTER DEER to me...
  19. Big Jo

    Velvet BUCK

    This 15 pt Buck was taken in laurel Co the first day of Archery Season by Joe Wilson. This DEER was beginning to shed it’s Velvet & Joe wanted it just like it was. I immediately went to work treating the Velvet and here it is mounted. If your interested in HIGH Quality TAXIDERMY contact me John...
  20. Big Jo

    Buck Pulaski Co

    Mounted this Big BUCK! Scored 171 taken IN Pulaski Co KY! Deer season is almost here if you’re looking for QUALITY Deer mounts give me a call @