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  1. jarrodcombs

    Cumberland tailwater kayak fishing

    Do any of you guys or girls fish below the dam on kayaks. I fish the main lake and would love to start fishing the tailwater some. Any tips or advise would be appreciated.
  2. jarrodcombs

    Pentail. Question for you please

    A couple years back you were Givin a pole cat smoker. If you had a choice between a polecat, a kamado joe, or a big green egg? Which would you take? How us the polecat holding up?
  3. jarrodcombs

    Flooding in the northwoods

    Parts of northern wisconsin, michigan, and Minnesota were hammered this week by rain. Wisconsin roads are a disaster. Even some of the paved roads are washed out. I hope those grouse can swim and better pack some rubber boots this year. I'm sure the swamps will be full
  4. jarrodcombs

    Kayak fishing salt river

    Has anyone fished the salt river between Harrodsburg and salvisa in a kayak. Wondering how that stretch is. I'm new to the kayak game and that is real close to me.
  5. jarrodcombs

    22nd year going north to the promise land

    Just made my reservations for wisconsin. We will be hunting the 14th thru the 22nd. Hope everyone else can find the time this year. Not even summer yet, and I'm getting excited. I'm like a little kid.
  6. jarrodcombs

    Looking for bacon

    Does anyone know where I can purchase bacon that has zero sugar in it. And I mean even in the curing process. Seems like everything I can find uses sugar in the cure
  7. jarrodcombs

    Gps maps

    Do any of you guys use on x maps or northwind maps for your gps. If so which one shows more detail (as in trails and private land). Got a new gpsmap 64st and am thinking on getting one of these SD cards
  8. jarrodcombs

    John deere gt262

    Just got a new lawn tractor. Do any of you guys have any experience with this model. It is 17hp kawasaki which seems a little small for all the attachments they claim you can use with it. Like the Snow blower and 48" blade
  9. jarrodcombs

    Northwood grouse trips

    We are skipping the michigan opener this year. It will kill me but Oct 3rd Wisconsin trip is still on. BTW my local friends are finding great numbers of grouse while they are gathering there moss in the woods
  10. jarrodcombs

    Elk taxidermist

    Can any of you guys recommend a good taxidermist for elk. Please post pics also if you have them
  11. jarrodcombs

    smokin tex

    I just got a new slightly used smoker. A smokin tex 1400. This thing is built to last. All stainless and heavy duty. Weighs twice as much as the ole masterbuilt tho. Anyone ever use one of these
  12. jarrodcombs

    slow start for elk harvest

    Where's all the elk pics
  13. jarrodcombs

    flesh beetles

    Do any of you guys know anyone who uses them? How do they do and how long does it take
  14. jarrodcombs

    bull elk cape needed

    I was fortunate enough to get drawn several years ago for a nice bull. At the time , I was unable to mount my bull, due to an extremly small house. We are finally building a new house(with vaulted ceilings of course) and I am in need of a cape. My taxidermist says he can buy one from out west...
  15. jarrodcombs

    Lost mtn / elk country

    Have either of these guide services taken any good bulls this season. It seems like they used to post here but havent seen any yet from them. Love to see some more pics
  16. jarrodcombs

    Weekend hunt in michigan

    Four of us hunted three days, i believe we were an hour or so north of upland chessies bunch. We had a great time. The grouse numbers seemed to be up from last year. Our best day was 34 grouse flushes and the worst was 23. The woods were extremely dry and still had full green folliage...
  17. jarrodcombs

    posession limits

    Any of you guys going north. Watch your posession limits. Two different groups have already been caught by random hotel freezer checks. Phillips and parks falls area.
  18. jarrodcombs

    Michigan grouse opener

    My buddy moved 11 grouse and 6 woodcock opening weekend. Just 10got more days and im there.woodcock season will be in while im there,so they wont get a pass i have a young pointer that still needs a little work
  19. jarrodcombs

    boga grip

    Do any of you guys use one. Any reviews will help
  20. jarrodcombs

    lake cumberland striper

    I am starting to believe the last fish kill was alot worse than reported. The last week or so, my friends and I have had an unbelievable short fish to keeper ratio. Last night for example three of us caught 31 striper and only 6 of them were keeper size. In years past the ratio has always been...

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