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  1. BuckBuster

    Mission Craze Bow For Sale

    SOLD - I have a Mission Craze Bow for sale. This is not a Craze II. My Grandson has used it for a couple of years now & killed three deer with it last year. He wants to buy a longer bow now that he is growing. He will be keeping the dropaway but will replace with a whisker biscuit. Everything...
  2. BuckBuster

    Colton's First Hunt First Deer

    Took my grandson who is 12, on his first bow hunt Saturday evening & had this doe come in at 23 yards. He was shaking like a crazy but still made a pass thru killing shot. She went maybe 70 yards & crash! He was shooting his Mission Craze at 41#
  3. BuckBuster

    For Sale: Genesis Youth Bow

    This is a used Genesis Right Hand bow that I bought for my grandchildren. Some of the finish is wore by usage but the bow itself has been cared for & is in good shape. As most knows the drawl length fits any length probably up to 30" & the weight 10#-20# Price: $80 for pick up only. Please PM...
  4. BuckBuster

    Squirrel Hunt with Grandson

    Took grandson squirrel hunting Saturday. Didn’t think that we were going to see anything till we got ready to go back to the truck & a squirrel takes up a tree right in front of us. Well there was around four or five up that tree & after he shoots 10 times with my 10/22 he finally connects...
  5. BuckBuster

    Last day Last minute (pic)

    Shot this big ol'doe at the last minute yesterday evening @ thirty five yards quartering away. Trailed her through a growed up field, into the woods & all the way down to the bottom of a long steep hill. Deboned her in the woods & back packed the meat out. Got in bed 1:30 this morning.
  6. BuckBuster

    Who's in for the last weekend?

    My last chance to fill tag #3&4. Bow hunting this evening & all day Saturday. Good hunting to all till next season!
  7. BuckBuster

    Bow Hunt Ft. Knox Worth the Hassle?

    I want some honest opinions here please. It has been several years since I've bow hunted Ft. Knox. I hunted it exclusively for years, since I had no other place to go. But, other hunting opportunities have opened up since then & every since they started the early gun hunts in areas along with...
  8. BuckBuster

    Boat Traffic

    Tell me, when does the boat traffic on the lakes slow down enough to do some fishing? Last few times that I went I thought that I was at some kind of motor speedway.
  9. BuckBuster

    A good day to Squirrel Hunt (pic)

    Took my grandson hunting Saturday. His first time out. I let him carry them. The last supper
  10. BuckBuster

    What are your Corn Prices?

    I called & priced corn last Friday at my local feed supply & the corn was @ $15/100#. So I roll in there first thing Satuday morning & ask " corn is still $15/100, right?" Nope $17 & will be going up. OK, since I'm here. Now can I get that in 50# bag? Yes @ .50 cents a bag. O'boy here we go...
  11. BuckBuster

    Good weekend at Barkley

    Took my son & two grandsons to Barkley this pass weekend. First time we have ever fished it so it was a shot in the dark. But I don't think we done too bad. Thanks to some older guys that told us where to go & try. Ended up catching 120 fishing the two mornings.
  12. BuckBuster

    Colton's First Turkey

    Took my 8 year old grandson turkey hunting Saturday morn, his first hunt. We were running late, already daylight, turkeys gobbling,we set up our decoys & jump into the blind. I called & watched while he slept. At 10:00 after no results but some hens. I told him to call & keep watch while I...
  13. BuckBuster

    Barkley Camp Info

    Planning a trip to Barkley around April 20th & would like to know your recommendations on a good camp site close to good fishing area. We are planning on just pitching a tent so would need showers also. Have never done this & know some of you guys live in the area & you have been very helpful...
  14. BuckBuster

    It Was a Good Day!

    Took my grandson fishing Wednesday so he could experience catching some White Bass & he had a blast. Ended up catching 15 Whites, 9 Crappie, 2 Ky.Bass & 1 big Bluegill on Yellow & White tube jig.
  15. BuckBuster

    Boat Motor Repair

    Anybody have any dealings with the Boat Docktor around the LaGrange area? Good - Bad? Or do you know someone that work on an older Tohatsu engine?
  16. BuckBuster

    My Grandson First Deer Hunt (Video)

    This is my 12 year old Grandson's first deer hunt that I captured on camera this year. I had started him out young @ 8 years old shooting a 20 ga. slug gun that made him gun shy & reluctant to go hunting. So I was suprised that he wanted to go this year & that he wanted to shot my 30-06. Enjoy...
  17. BuckBuster

    Jamin's First Deer

    This is my 8 year old grandson Jamin's first deer that toolk with his 50 cal. CVA muzzle Oct 15, about a 25 yard shot. He was very proud of this one.
  18. BuckBuster

    We had a good day(pic)

    "We had a pretty good day" as Roger Raglin would say. Hunting Saturday in 100 degrees plus was tough, but worth it, except we'll hunt closer to the truck the next time.
  19. BuckBuster

    Look What I Found (Pic)

    Took my grandson turkey hunting this past Saturday & upon returning from the hunt, found this track in the roadway. Can you believe that moma has already dropped one? Subtract 200 days & it puts it back to being breed in mid September.
  20. BuckBuster

    Who's Going? Last weekend!

    I'm going & bundled up like a Michelin Man. Hope to add one more doe to the count. Will also be headed to an evening hunt on a friends farm in Irvington :)

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