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    Northern KY Bass Fishing

    Has anyone been out and about in northern KY picking up any bass? Wondering if they're hitting good yet or still spawning?
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    Calibogue Sound Fishing

    I'm headed to southern tip of Hilton Head in mid June for a family vacation, right on the Calibogue Sound. I would love to get a little fishing in while there. I'm used to just casting squid out off the beach when up near Myrtle Beach area and catching little sharks and such. I'm looking for...
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    KY Lake and Lake Barkley Dam Fishing

    thanks for the advice. We have tried the 4" shad looking swim bait in both the pearl and chartreuse colors in previous years, but no luck. I will keep launching that out there and see if I can get lucky maybe. we do catch a handful of the small white bass and skipjack along the rocks on small...
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    KY Lake and Lake Barkley Dam Fishing

    I'm headed to ky lake next week for crappie and wouldn't mind trying to catch some striper behind the dams in the afternoon a couple days. Does anyone have any advice for bank fishing for striper behind the dam? Thanks for any help!
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    Bullock Pen Lake

    Has anyone fished Bullock at all this year yet? Im thinking about heading there for a saturday morning fish trip after some bass, just curious if they are hitting or if they are on the next yet? Any feedback or tips would be great!
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    Buying a new bow...suggestions?

    Thanks for all the advice so far guys! I have been looking a lot at the Martins and comparing them to some of the similar models of Hoyt and Matthews...its engouraging to see that "on paper" they are equal or even out perform on many levels at a reasonable price difference too. I do plan to...
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    Buying a new bow...suggestions?

    Im in the market for a new compound for deer hunting. I currently have a High Country Maxxtreme(2004 model). It has been a good bow and shot a few deer, but i think its time to upgrade, there are much faster and quieter bows out now. I really like a few of the newer Hoyts i have seen, but they...
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    Cordless Combo Tool Kits - Whats the best?

    Alright, im sure many of you have sets of these cordless combo tool kits made by many manufacturers. I want to know what you like or dont like about them. Im looking to get a set and would like to get something that is going to last and ill be happy with. Im interested in getting one with the...
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    2nd Ammendment - Right to Bear Arms. Need i say more...thats why it is great to be an American!:) IN all seriousness, yes you can carry a sidearm just as you can anywhere else so long as you do not conceal it (unless of course you have you conceal carry liscense). Good Luck.
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    Lake Williamstown?

    Thanks...ill have to give it a try!
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    Hevi-shot Magnum Blend 5-6-7 Turkey Loads

    Now im not usually the guy to start any controversy on these forums, but really?...just admit that you made a bad shot. Quite making excuses and passing the blame off on the gun. I have missed before, but never pulled a shot that bad bacause of a "heavy" trigger pull.....specially if 7lbs is...
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    East Fork Lake

    Hey all. I have gone to East Fork a couple of times and never really had a whole lot of luck. I am looking to do some good pan fishing and i keep hearing the crappie bite is good there. Any ideas on how to catch them or even to catch some nice bass. I really dont know a whole lot about the...
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    Lake Williamstown?

    I have heard there are some good bluegill in this true? I am looking for some lake in the Northern KY area or surrounding area to do some good panfishing. Any ideas?
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    Cumberland Lake Crappie

    I go to cumberland quite often throughout the year, but never crappie fish it. Usually we are focused on other fishing and boating. To be honest, you dont hear a whole lot about the quality of crappie fishing at cumberland. Does anyone have an accurate rating on the number and quality of...
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    KY Lake Bass Fishing

    Back from trip. We caught some crappie, but had a hard time locating them so we did not catch as many as would have like. I caught a rediculous number of bass, but they were all in the 13-14 inch range. I just could not seem to get any big ones. Maybe i was not deep enough to hookinto a big...
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    KY Lake Bass Fishing

    BY the looks of the weather and reports ive been getting, our planned crappie fishing trip later this week may not be the greatest. That being said, im considering switching gears towards bass fishing. I figure if im making the trip, i want to catch something. Any idea on what the bass...
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    KY Lake Crappie

    Anyone fishing KY Lake? Leaving tomorrow for a crappie fishing trip to Jonathan Creek and hoping to do some good. Its usually earlier and colder when we go so this weather will be a nice change; however, im afraid th fishing may not be as good. Anyone have any recent fishing reports for this...
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    KY Lake Striper - Behind the Dam

    I am looking for some advice and figured what better place to get it that here...i am going to KY lake next week for a crappie fishing trip; however, while there we were going to try some striper fishing behind the dam. The only problem is i really dont know what im doing when it comes to...
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    AJ Jolly - Campbell County Lake

    Has anyone been fishing AJ yet? Just curious how the crappie bite has been. Heading there to test some recent motor and boat work before a trip in a few weeks and figured i oughta dip a line while im there. I would not mind catching some nice crappie and i know they are there, just curious...
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    Have any of you been on Kentucky Lake yet this year?

    those are some nice looking slabs...the more important question is what are they hitting on? How deep have they been? Any information would be appreciated. Im heading down in a couple weeks and would like to have some kind of game plan together, even if the conditions change before then. Thanks!

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