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  1. Bray


    I've never lost a calf to a coyote despite having cows most my life. I have had them come in to eat the afterbirth or eat a still born calf but haven't lost a live one to them. I completely understand killing them on your farm or hunting for them (I've done both). What I don't understand is...
  2. Bray


    The question I have is why would you want to pull off interstate, away from home, and shoot a healthy animal? I guess I don't understand the desire. It's kind of like people who swerve to hit opossums, I guess I don't understand.
  3. Bray

    Any kayak fishermen?

    I have been looking at the predator's until I saw that vibe sea ghost. That thing looks sweet. The pedal drives are tempting too. There are too many choices.
  4. Bray

    Piles of stacked rock

    I don't think they are property markers. There are too many. The property had been in the same family for well over a hundred years and the boundary is pretty far off. What confuses me is the fields below the stacks have obviously been cleared at some point. There are still small rock...
  5. Bray

    Piles of stacked rock

    The last picture is the top of one of the stacks. Some of them are 5-6 ft tall. What's odd is that it is only flat/square rock.
  6. Bray

    Piles of stacked rock

    I bought a farm last May. After the leaves fell I noticed something in the woods. Upon closer inspection I found several piles of these stacked flat rocks. I thought it might have been where somebody cleared a field out but who on earth would takes the time to stack them like this? Anybody seen...
  7. Bray


    Seriously, you all are bashing the Harrison's? Two final fours, an ncaa runner up, and a 38-1 season and you all want to bash the Harrisons? Some of you all are delusional.
  8. Bray

    Idiot step son

    Remind me again how that worked out for the drill sergeant?
  9. Bray

    Processor set me on fire!!!!

    I process my own. It makes a huge difference in the quality of the meat.
  10. Bray

    Other Hunters Deer

    If you guys are that concerned about people taking pictures of your deer, why are you taking them to local processors and taxidermist. If I was as concerned as you seem to be (and hopefully I never will be) I would be hauling my deer far enough away that no one would know me.
  11. Bray

    Other Hunters Deer

    Some people take this deer hunting thing a little too seriously.
  12. Bray

    Any Bullet Experts On Here? Need Opinions

    If you aren't happy with the accubonds I would try the Barnes bullets. They offer the best of both worlds, great expansion and penetration no matter what the distance.
  13. Bray

    Friday morning roll call

    Had 5 does come around the ridge above me at a pretty quick pace. Nothing behind them though. I sure would like to see something besides a doe or this five pointer I have seen a hundred times since Saturday.
  14. Bray

    Friday morning roll call

    Had a lone doe walk up on me as I was coming in, then had a 5 come grunting in following her tracks. Should be a good morning
  15. Bray

    Wednesday roll call

    Saw 8 does up on the mountain in the woods this morning. Ended up hunting our alfalfa this evening and saw a 4 pointer cruising and 2 does.
  16. Bray

    Wednesday roll call

    It seems this new wind has them cautious. They all seem a little skidding and are taking slightly different travel routes.
  17. Bray

    Wednesday roll call

    Had a group of 4 does come in. Then a different group of 3 and now a lone doe is making her way over here.
  18. Bray

    Fields or woods?

    I've been hunting the woods in the mornings and fields in the evenings. The woods are winning and it isn't even close.
  19. Bray

    Russian Shenanigans

    Makes you wonder how much this has an effect on things?
  20. Bray

    Falling asleep while deer hunting

    I have been known to climb down to about 5 feet in my summit and take a nap. Did that a couple years ago and woke up to a bobcat staring at me about 5 yards away. That thing was so close I could spit on him. I don't know who was more surprised.

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