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    16’ Coleman canoe

    16’ Coleman canoe $200 270 735 5525
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    Remington 700 .270 SOLD

    SOLD Remington 700 ADL synthetic .270 X Mark trigger Like new only shot around 10 times $500 Drop to $450 270 735 5525
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    Yildiz 20 ga O/U

    Yildiz 20 ga OU barely used. Comes with all choke tubes Lots of fun for dove season $500 Drop to $450 270 735 5525
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    Browning BAR 30-06 with Leupold 2-7x33 VX-II. SOLD

    SOLD Browning BAR 30-06 with engraved receiver Leupold 2-7x33 Vari-X II scope $1200 270 735 5525
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    Winchester 94 30-30 SOLD

    SOLD 20” barrel Williams receiver peep sight $800 Text 270 735 5525
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    Summit Goliath climbing stand

    Used a few times Includes bow holder In Hodgenville area $300 Drop to $250 Drop to $200 Text 270 735 5525
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    SOLD .308 18” stainless barrel Adjustable gas block Nickel coated trigger Shot a few times and ended up building a 16” one No scope mount or mag $700 Drop to $650 Can text more/better pictures if you’d like
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    Becoming deadly in the mountains

    Garand thumb has a new video series on recce that’s a bit more serious than his usual. Some good info, and certainly a springboard for more information.
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    MTG on Jan 6 political prisoner conditions

    if even half is true, this is insane
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    Mass Psychosis

    Great video on what appears to be going on in our nation today. Mass psychosis, manipulation, and control. Scary times we live in. Keep living your own lives friends.
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    Happy Independence Day

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    Trump’s attorney speaks truth to the media
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    Good video summarizing 2020 election
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    Snows out West

    Anyone heard anything about snow geese in Missouri or Arkansas this year? Gonna be worth making a trip out?
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    Remington 11-87 12ga -sold

    Sold Remington 11-87 Sportsman synthetic stock 12ga. Like new in box. $485

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