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    Very interesting. I haven't run my feeder for a couple seasons. Got sick of the raccoons destroying it and fixing it all the time. I thought about something like Vaseline. I'll try that first. Thanks guys!
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    Neat timeline up to the final seconds

    Very cool! Congrats!
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    Searched and found this thread. Ideas on keeping coons off the feeder? I understand they will eat corn. My concern is they are tearing up my solar battery charger and feeder motor. They climb up the poles. Anyone wrapped the poles in barb wire?
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    Meade County MONSTER!!!!

    I think he's just turning the rack and holding further from his body is why. May still be photoshopped however. Beast either way.
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    I Hate Kentucky One Buck Rule

    Landowners get more privilege? Seriously??? Should we bring our financials, personal references, the pastors blessing to Wally World when we get our tags to see if we "deserve" additional buck tags too? Stupidest post I've ever read. Somebody post a poll asking who owns 1000+ acres on this...
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    Southern ohio monster walking

    Good lawd!!!!! I hope its free ranging and someone harvests it! Unreal!!!!!
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    Most popular caliber for deer

    .270 here..
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    IS it me or is the rut running late this year

    The rut isn't when little bucks chase. They chase as soon as they shed velvet. The rut is when the does come in estrous and the big boys then start to cruise more during daylight because they know it. They aren't just going to chase every doe they see like their dumb little buddies. They already...
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    Stab Season

    Rambo....just use a big rock...
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    3 legged deer?

    6 or 7 yr old 3 legged doe in my neighborhood. she gets along fine. Always has fawns as well.
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    im severly pis*ed off at kdfw

    Here in Boone Co the sheriffs dept has officers specifically for deer hunting issues...stolen stands, trespassers etc. I think the CO has too much ground to cover. The police have more manpower and will be more likely (hopefully) to respond and get results IMO.
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    Mr. Big's little brother

    Just bustin your chops I wear them too....under my pants. ;)
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    Mr. Big's little brother

    Oh hellll! I laughed so hard when I noticed your tights. Imagine someone seeing you with your tights and gloves running around? Lol!!! ...nice deer by the way. :)
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    Not sure if the RUT has picked up but...

    I know of 7 or 8 mature bucks killed yesterday up here. My phone was blowing up with pics last night. It's finally starting widespread up here it seems.
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    Got a 155" Kenton Co buck tonight...

    Sure does!
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    Got a 155" Kenton Co buck tonight...

    Thanks guys! No he wasnt G. The one in my avatar is. But the way this season has been I couldn't pass him up. The rut at this farm is obviously coming in later. I have a 10ptr in my backyard right now in Burlington. See does but never bucks. I think it's kicking in now up here finally. Good...
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    Got a 155" Kenton Co buck tonight...

    Shot him at 4:15. I went from seeing nothing the last couple weeks to seeing this guy with two other bucks. He was with a probably 150" heavy 10 and a heavy 135" 8 ptr . He was walking away in some thick woods with the other two bucks so I threw out a few tending grunts and he turned around and...
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    Owen Co activity...

    Good to hear. I'm hunting off 845 tomorrow.
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    Owen Co activity...

    This pathetic season continues I won't be able to stay motivated to go back out anyway. Especially because I bowhunt the Kenton Co farm by myself.
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    Wednesday roll call

    Boone Co right?

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