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  1. KYGentleman

    Rainy day persistence pays

    It was a cold wet night to be in a tree last night but it paid off with my first buck with a bow and my biggest yet. Missed a momma doe before this 9pt walked out. It's been a fun week out in the stand. Glad I had this forum to help get through it!
  2. KYGentleman

    I dont mean to sound impatient

    I hunt in the louisville area and this friday before last, Oct 17th, i shot my doe and dropped her off at C & J deer processing which isnt too far from where I hunt. I called them around 930pm expecting to get a machine on how to properly drop off your animal and to my surprise they actually...
  3. KYGentleman

    Its not always about the deer...

    Sometimes its about what goes into the hunt. As I walked out to the stand I looked down and noticed I still had my tennis shoes on. I started to turn back then realized that they had been left at home. Shook my head and continued my walk out to the tree. A last minute decision to go hunting on...

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