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  1. brettfrancis1

    ISO: Boykin Spaniel

    If anyone has a litter or knows of one please message me. Thanks 8595535191
  2. brettfrancis1

    NBHA Chaplin Hills Bird Dog Club Trial

    NBHA Chaplin Hills Bird Dog Club October 26-27 Amateur Shooting Dog $35 Amateur Gun Dog $35 Open Puppy $25 Open Derby $35 Open Shooting Dog $40 Amateur Shooting Dog and Gun Dog winners will receive prizes along with trophies. Open Derby and Shooting pay back 50% split 50-30-20. Grounds...
  3. brettfrancis1

    It's time to pile em up!

    I went out last night to shoot a few clays and get ready for today. We're shooting a neighbors millet field this afternoon. I'll post some pics later.
  4. brettfrancis1


    Shadow Oak Bo was named National Champion at Ames today. It hasn't been won by a setter since 1970. Lots of excitement in the setter world today.
  5. brettfrancis1

    May be helpful for the Northwoods hunters.

    Getting my stuff together to head North for the weekend. Gonna hit Michigan's grouse opening day. Thought I would share this link. I use the checklist Scott Linden made every time I pack my stuff up. I don't take everything on the list but it's pretty helpful...
  6. brettfrancis1


    GIt out and ran some beagles and bird dogs today. Ran a bunch of rabbits and flew several woodcock. Managed take down 2 rabbits and a single woodcock. Looks the woodcock are moving heavy right now. Moved lots of tired birds. Hunted with a few guys including my bro-in-law aferguson27.
  7. brettfrancis1

    Quota Hunt Results

    When will the draw results be up?
  8. brettfrancis1

    Dove Fields

    Saturday I get up and drive to KY and buy a non resident license, and make an attempt at dove hunting. I even bought 100 rds of steel shot to shoot at Yatesville WMA. I get there and look around and I don't see a single person there. It was a ridiculous excuse for a dove field. Nothing had...
  9. brettfrancis1

    Drawn for Clay Pheasant Hunt

    I got drawn for the pheasant hunt at Clay WMA, How do I get there? Anyone on here ever been drawn before?
  10. brettfrancis1

    Caught a nice bass

    I caught this smallmouth here in Logan, WV this Saturday. I rode a kick tube down this section of river we have a tournament on here every year. Hooked on this bass and won 1st place with it.

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