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  1. slow-bow

    Identify this bird...

    This bird ended up on a different kind of "grill". The one on the front of my buddy's car. Can't identify the species and need a little help. This was in Henderson Co.
  2. slow-bow

    State Record Bobcat: I doubt it

    Not even gonna waste my time posting the claim that accompanied this pic...sent to me by a friend. Been on this site for 6+yrs and know we have a lot of internet-savvy folks here who have seen much more than me. many have seen this pic before and what was the story? I'm 99.9...
  3. slow-bow

    New Law? Must stay 200yds below dams...

    I'm a KY boy but, just had a friend at work show me, in the 2013 Indiana Fishing Guide, that you, now, can NOT take any fish, by rod or hand, within 200yds below any dams, including those on the Ohio River. It specifically mentioned Uniontown, Newburgh, Cannelton, etc. All that border Indiana. I...
  4. slow-bow

    What species?

    Caught this fella' in my throw net last week here in Henderson Co. (Back water). This area not known for too many Walleye but do have plenty of Sauger. Is it a Saugeye? Just curious.
  5. slow-bow

    Huge 7pt. bowkill. Henderson Co.

    My best buddy, Marshall, arrowed this big fella' on Halloween morning here in Henderson Co. 7pt. 18 3/4" wide. I "quick-measured" him and came up w/ about 131". Beautiful deer, no matter what.
  6. slow-bow

    Baskin Robbins New Flavor..."Barocky Road"

    In honor of the 44th President of the United States, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor; "Barocky Road". Barocky Road is a blend of half-Vanilla, half-Chocolate, and surrounded by Nuts and Flakes. The Vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually...
  7. slow-bow

    'Cats vs. Notre Dame:Pick 'Em

    I hope we got the "ugly one" out of us on Monday night. We're due for a good showin'. If we can keep Harangody(sp?) in check then, I fully expect us to roll. My pick....'CATS by 8. GO 'CATS!:D
  8. slow-bow

    Broke out the lawnmower yet?

    How many of y'all have chopped the yard this spring? Gonna put the blade to mine this week. A few in the neighborhood mowed last week. It's gettin' to be about that time. I actually enjoy cutting the grass for the first couple of months. The "new" wears off pretty quick after that. I'm usually...
  9. slow-bow

    Meador...W.Va.'s gone!

    Oh well. your bracket's shot.
  10. slow-bow

    Cats vs. LSU: Pick 'Em

    We took care of business against Ole Miss so......who's it gonna be when we tangle with LSU? I sure am rootin' for the 'Cats but, my head says LSU by 8.:mad:
  11. slow-bow

    Cats vs. Georgia: Pick 'em

    I'd say we need to win the rest of 'em to evevn have a chance to "dance". Thoughts........
  12. slow-bow

    300" Non-Typical Sheds

    As the story goes...These sheds were picked up on the Backwoods Hunting Preserve(high fence) in Bremen, IN recently. The "skull plate" was made by a taxidermist for mounting purposes. I'd say he's allowed to live for his genes.
  13. slow-bow

    Fair Chase?

    Saw this question 'posed on another site. Thought I'd post it here. Food for thought. Purely hypothetical. Is this 100% fair chase?...36sq mile military base(6mi. x 6mi.) completely enclosed by "high fence". Anyone can purchase a permit. Archery/crossbow only. 75% of base is...
  14. slow-bow

    Louisville spanked by 33

    The Fightin' Irish gave 'em a good, old-fashioned beatin'! Beautiful!:D
  15. slow-bow

    A-Rod:Hall of Fame or not

    Now that he's admitted using a "banned" substance...does he make it? I, for one, have always liked A-Rod but, can't see letting him in unless you allow Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, etc. in also.
  16. slow-bow


  17. slow-bow

    The "Official" Super Bowl Pick 'Em: Steelers or Cardinals

    Well, who's it gonna be? I'm goin' with the Steel Curtain but, Arizona sure looks like they can light the scoreboard up if they get hot.
  18. slow-bow

    Cabelas KingKats Classic in Henderson today.

    Super Bowl of competitive catfishing here today at the Henderson riverfront. Bassmasters Classic of catfishing. Pretty distinctive honor to host such an event. I believe it's a $60,000 purse(total payouts) for the 79-boat field. Finals weigh-in at 4:00pm(CST)...Henderson riverfront.
  19. slow-bow

    Warren Wallace/Geico Commercial

    "I'm puttin' him in the wall!" This commercial is hilarious! One of my favorites in the "Geico" series.
  20. slow-bow

    Round 1 Complete:Bracket Thoughts

    With the first round complete, how do you feel about your picks? I took a pretty good hit on day 2 but, still feel good about my "futures". Looks like the Louisville and Xavier picks will play a big role in deciding this thing. Congrats to Arkansas and Western. I was 1 for 2 in those...

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