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  1. Shiz-Nit

    Spaghetti Carbonara with Smoke Jowl Bacon... PICS

    Made some Spaghetti Carbonara with Smoke Jowl Bacon and some Roasted Garlic Oil Asparagus.
  2. Shiz-Nit

    Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup... Pics...

    Made some homemade chicken noodle soup... better yet also made the noodles myself.
  3. Shiz-Nit

    Shrimp Quesadilla's, Rice & Beans Pic...

    Made some shrimp quesadilla's, rice and jalapeno black beans.
  4. Shiz-Nit

    Game Day Wings and Meatball Pics...

    Game day smoked spicy Asian wings and some smoked bacon wrapped BBQ meatballs.
  5. Shiz-Nit

    Homemade Scones Pics....

    Made some homemade maple bourbon glazed strawberry scones
  6. Shiz-Nit

    Chops, Hoppin Johns & Grilled Tater Salad... Pics

    Made some Grilled Chops, Hoppin Johns & Grilled Tater Salad.
  7. Shiz-Nit

    Pulled Pork Pic...

    been a will since the last post. So just a bit of pulled pork. Sorry I went off my phone at a gas station and tried to edit a new post in from reading old post... This is chicken indeed.....
  8. Shiz-Nit

    Happy Holday Weekend Thread....

    Well we got a big grill out holiday weekend among us. Please tell us what your grilling, smoking, cooking, baking or frying. Im still in upcoming vacation beach mode so I sense some fresh gulf fish from our local fish market.... But I also have some sweet prime Briskets in the fridge. post...
  9. Shiz-Nit

    Mexican Brat My Way Pics...

    Well I love me some Spanish Mexican food and I Love me a good Brat. This is one of my favorite ways to eat a good ole brat with.
  10. Shiz-Nit

    Shizes Island Dinner... PICS

    jamming to some Jimmy Buffet... So had to have an Island dinner righty?
  11. Shiz-Nit

    A Couple Prime Briskets For A Catering Gig... PICS

    Well I got a couple sweet prime briskets for an up incoming catering gig. Since these will be severed at wedding shower I decided to foo foo the brew with a lime. As I am cleaning Ole Shizes Catering House Of Que Kitchen tonight. These bad boy briskets will be the bomb indeed!
  12. Shiz-Nit

    Sriacha Aioli, Balsamic Onion Burger & Grilled Taters... PICS

    Sriracha Aioli, Balsamic Onion burger & Grilled Taters.
  13. Shiz-Nit

    Loaded Grilled Smoked Turkey Sandwich... Pics

    Smoked turkey breast, bacon, avocado, banana peppers, homemade sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese, and a queso fresco cheese sauce. Paired with fried corn.
  14. Shiz-Nit

    Baby Back Ribs... PICS

    Did a few Baby Back Ribs today. Did not do them comp style just good ole eating with a batch of my homemade sweet BBQ sauce.
  15. Shiz-Nit

    Just a Little Pulled Pork... PICS

    1st see what Ole Shiz was Jammin' to today while smokin' a few butts. Puled Pork
  16. Shiz-Nit

    Venison, Brisket, Bacon Steakhouse Burger and Onion Ring.... PICS

    Well I had some trimmings from all them left over briskets lately so I ground them up along with some bacon to add a bit more fat and flavor. Then mixed it in with a pack of ground venison. topped it off with a homemade jalapeno habanero peach salsa, avocados, Havarti cheese and a bit of steak...
  17. Shiz-Nit

    Big Willie Style Brisket Tostada's... "GO CAT".... PICS

    Well we had a bit of left over brisket so for the UK vs Cincy game so I made us some "Big Willie Style" Tostadas. I roasted some jalapenos, tomatillo's, onions and garlic then blended in the bleeder for a nice sauce. Click and open to see what Ole Shiz was jamming to during he game and cook...
  18. Shiz-Nit

    Brisket, Cheese Grits and 2012 Canned Green Beans.... PICS

    Well I smoked us a nice little brisket flat and paired it up with some cheese grits and canned green beans. The music I was jamming to during this cook... Hope you enjoy Sliced Plated
  19. Shiz-Nit

    Pre Cooked Breakfast PICS.... Before a Sunday Brisket Cook.

    Well we got a Brisket cook going on tomorrow for the SEC Tournament Final game.... so I decided to bust out the kids breakfast for Sunday morning early.... Strawberry scones with a maple glaze.... GO CATS!!!!!
  20. Shiz-Nit

    A little chicken and veggies... PICS

    Well I got off work a bit late and the wife had some chicken breast marinating in some teriyaki sauce. So I chopped up the veggies we had in the fridge and got some freezer corn out. Then fired up the Ole neglected gas grill, dinner turned out pretty darn nice indeed.

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