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    To Ban or Not to Ban

    I think if feetdown would be out scouting and hunting as much as he stays on social media stirring the pot. He might be a mediocre outdoorsman.
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    199 3/8 public land buck.

    Muzzle loader I think.
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    199 3/8 public land buck.

    Killed in Henderson co.
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    30hp four stroke outboard

    I have an 03 Tohatsu 30 hp 4 stroke and I love it. Mine is on a 16 MV Grumman. Pushes along 30 mph plus.
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    Ohio county buck

    It was killed last night by a buddy of mine from Owensboro. He killed it on his farm in Ohio co. It grossed 188" green.
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    Huge. Info needed.

    They live in Stanley but have a farm at the point were they found the skull.
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    Huge. Info needed.

    It was found at the point. Where the Green dumps into the Ohio.
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    Huge. Info needed.

    He found it yesterday.
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    Huge. Info needed.

    It was found by a farmer in the Henderson bottoms.
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    Huge. Info needed.

    Any info on this buck. I was told it came from Henderson county.
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    Stopping the freeze

    You could dig a hole now. Just has too be deep enough to cover the unit and it is not suckin air.
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    Stopping the freeze

    Bite the bullet and get an ice eater. Dig an elongated hole and point the ice eater at the area you want your hole. An areator will work for a light freeze but if temps get too low you will just have a bunch of bubbles under a sheet of ice. If you get the ice eater brand you are helping out...
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    Got the lease....Now what?

    We have a 130" bow and 140" gun rule in place already on our other farms, and guests are does only. The total acreage this farm will put us up to is over 1200 with 500 of that in woods. I think we can make it work.
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    Apples or corn?

    I wanna farm with vanilla bean plants, peanuts, sorgum, and a salt ferry. What county can I find this? LOL. Deer don't care I've been feeding sweet corn all summer and there is no sweet corn groin in the area, they still burn it up!!
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    Got the lease....Now what?

    3 people on 1200+ acres? I think we can manage with 6.............Even if it was just the 325 we are leasing I think 54 acres of woods each is plenty. I've seen leases that had less ground than 25 acres per hunter,and they worked fine. As far as kids go they will be hunting with a member so...
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    Non Resident Fees

    If they would use the money to purchase more land for public hunting this would benifit residents and nonresidents alike.
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    Son of a ... where did they go

    The nieghbor put out some c'mere deer and stole your bucks........damn that Hank Parker!!!!!
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    Got the lease....Now what?

    That is a good guideline, alot of those will work for us, thanks for the reply. As far as too many people 325 acres is just the lease, we farm 400+ acres on the east side 300+ on the west side and 200+ on the south side these farms have treelines, thickets, and mostly crop ground. We have...
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    Got the lease....Now what?

    I've been working on leasing this peice of property for over 8 years, finally I got it. It isa 10 year lease on 325 acres all woods surround by cropland on all sides that we farm, exept for one farm that joins a small portion on the west side. There are 6 of us in on the lease all family. My...
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    Can it be?

    Killed 8 mallards and 2 woodies today guess the reversrse migration is in effect!!!

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