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    Still without fur down

    Went with my son this morning to an area where there were lots of tracks last week, but no dice this morning except gobbling turkeys. Kind of new to this, but there were no fresh tracks in the area this morning where it looked like grand central last week. Is this normal?
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    Call Volume

    I am hunting on open ridge fields with deep wooded hollows around. I have a Primos Turbo Dogg. How loud should I be calling? Have seen signs of coyotes but not seen any during calling. New to this, but already addicted!
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    Which decoy would be better, Mojo spinner or Primos Quiver Rabbit?
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    cumberland river boats

    What is the smallest boat you would fish on the Cumberland? I have a 10' john boat with trolling motor only and would like to try for some trout on the fly rod there. I was wondering because I saw a couple of youtube vids of people fishing out of ?? kyacks?? there.
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    Fisrst one of 2012

    Here is my first one of 2012 gotten Sunday after church. Just now getting pics downloaded from phone. Called him 1.5 hours Saturday, but had bad setup and no decoy, he just wouldn't come in. Sunday, he was gobblin' when I got home from church. I took decoy with me this time and he came right...
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    Mid day hunting

    How good is mid day hunting for coyotes. I seem to only be able to get out through the middle of the day so I have not tried, afraid to "educate" the local dogs.
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    Vocal Morning

    I was out rying to call coyotes this morning, but all I heard was turkeys gobblin' all over the area I was hunting. I heard at least 8 different birds from two set-ups this morning! What a wonderful suprise for mid February! Thank you God!
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    Call Purrfect kit

    Has anyone used this kit? I would like to start making my own mouth calls as I mak my own slate and glass calls now. This looks like a fairly easy kit to use and would like any comments anyone could give. Thanks!
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    tagged out this am

    I tagged out this morning. I had 5 gobblers come in off the roost. This was the best morning that I have ever had turkey hunting, the wait this season was worth it. I killed my first ( and biggest) turkey Friday am (23 lb. 10.5" beard, 1.25" spurs) and a smaller one this am (19.75 lb. 9.5"...
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    Lewis Co WMA

    Has anyone been to the Lewis Co. WMA area for waterfowl this year? Thinking about taking my son tomorrow morning, would like any input. Thanks!
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    early season

    Has anyone heard when the early wood duck/teal season. I have to turn in time off request and can't find anything on kdfwr website. Thanks for any info. Dale
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    Hunting Preserve Name?

    Does Anyone Know The Name Of The Hunting Preserve Along The Bluegrass Parkway At Youngers Creek? I Have Seen It Several Times And Would Be Interested In Contacting Them For A Hunt. Thank You
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    post-quota pheasant

    How is the pheasant hunting after the quota hunt on the clay wma? Does nayone have any info? I have never been there and would like to get my shorthair into some birds.

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