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  1. Fat_Matt

    LH Bear Attitude for Sale

    Maybe 100 shots through the bow. Could never get in to bow hunting. May give it a gander down the road but for now it’s just sitting. Can send pics upon request. Had it checked out before the 2018 season and never took it out. Still in great shape. Message me if Interested. Located in Elsmere...
  2. Fat_Matt

    Wall Hangers 2018

    how many of you guys have killed one this year that is getting mounted? Let’s see the pics. I’ll start.
  3. Fat_Matt

    Tree Stand? Or Blind?

    which do you prefer and why? I’ve always used a tree stand but recently wanted to try using a blind. I’ll admit, I don’t know the first thing about the pros and cons of blinds. So let’s hear it!
  4. Fat_Matt

    Monster buck in Mercer Co?

    anybody hear about a Non-Typical scoring 317 with 33 points? Seen it in a group on Facebook
  5. Fat_Matt

    Shed Hunting

    when do you guys typically start looking?
  6. Fat_Matt

    Pre-Rut, Rut, Post Rut.....

    which do you prefer?
  7. Fat_Matt

    Solid Day

    Saw 7 deer before 9 am this morning. Minutes after I sat in my stand I saw a 9 but he didn't present me with a shot. Took a doe about 7:20. Had 2 buttons come by shortly after. Watched an 8 circle the doe I killed, but couldn't get a shot. Then lastly had a spike and fork horn running together...
  8. Fat_Matt

    Antler Ice

    Anybody ever used it or know anybody who used/does use it?
  9. Fat_Matt

    An incredible find on my trail cam

    Looking back through my pictures and came across this. It's a bald Eagle, easily one of the best photos I've ever seen. Cant get the photo to upload from phone so I'll try from the computer when I get off work
  10. Fat_Matt

    Can It Be September Already?

    I'm extremely giddy right now!
  11. Fat_Matt

    How old?

    How old do ya'll think they are? These are 2 different deer
  12. Fat_Matt

    15 Deer Hunting Myths

    This is sure to ruffle a few feathers
  13. Fat_Matt

    Deer Feeder

    Anybody got any experience with one of these? Do they hold up well?
  14. Fat_Matt

    Target Blocks

    Wanting to get a block that I can shoot broad heads at. What are some good ones?
  15. Fat_Matt

    What if this happened to you? No chance I remain that calm
  16. Fat_Matt

    Outdoor Instincts

    Any of guys ever heard of these guys? If not, they are a group of fellow Kentuckians, who are in the process of trying to land their own tv show on the pursuit channel. I went to college with one of them and these guys are hunters through and through! There is a weekly poll that is put up, and...
  17. Fat_Matt

    Anybody use an SUV...

    As their hunting vehicle? Trucks are insanely high and the approval I got through a credit union doesn't give me any trucks in the range. So I'm looking at Ford Escapes. Anybody use anything like this?
  18. Fat_Matt

    Sportman's a Choice Record Rack Golden Deer Nugget

    Anybody ever tried this stuff? Was at Tractor Supply today getting dog food and saw this stuff and a worker tried to convince it works like magic. Any good or bad news?
  19. Fat_Matt

    Dodge Dakota

    Any of you guys know the ins and outs about the Dodge Dakota? I may potentially buy one and want to know first hand if they are good and reliable or what issues they are notorious for and things of that nature. Thanks guys.
  20. Fat_Matt

    Off Season

    Just wanting to get an idea of what you guys do after your hunting season is over until next season? Meaning, when do you start/how often do you go to your hunting area and add minerals and what not? I found out there is a sort of dead period from like March through June or something like that...

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