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  1. muddhunter

    Instapot squirrel

    Can someone run me through a tutorial on using an instapot on squirrel? I’ve got a couple of old tough fox squirrels that I’d like to get out of the freezer and figure this might be the way to go. We got the instapot for Christmas several years ago and I’ve found it to be as useful as a nose on...
  2. muddhunter

    .17 HM2 ammo (Mach2)

    I have 3 boxes of .17 Mach2 ammo for sale. 2 unopened and one is missing 4 rounds. Won’t ship but will meet within reasonable distance of Louisville. Or you can just pick it up. I understand it’s pretty hard to come by these days and I don’t need it. $30.00
  3. muddhunter

    .17 mach2 ammo

    What is a fair price for .17 Mach2 ammo and where can you find it? I can’t even find it on the web to check average pricing. I have a couple boxes that I don’t need and need to price it fairly before I send it to the classifieds. Thanks
  4. muddhunter

    Old gas wells

    I’m looking for a contact in Grayson county area for an outfit that deals with gas wells. I have three on my property that I’d like to see if they are productive to see if there is a way to start making some money off of natural gas collection. I’ve asked on here before years ago and got some...
  5. muddhunter

    Last day of squirrel season

    Got out yesterday to stretch my legs and try to put a couple squirrels in the pot. If I’d a had a scoped rifle or a shotgun I could have killed my limit times three. I’d actually forgotten how much fun it is to go after squirrels. Got a couple and found a shed to boot. Pretty good day in the woods.
  6. muddhunter

    Definition of an attention whore
  7. muddhunter

    Merry Christmas Brandon
  8. muddhunter

    State of Country music

    Buddy of mine sent this to me because he knows I’ve gone sour on most of the country music from the last 20 years (thanks Garth Brooks). It has some profanity but it pretty much hits all the high points and I thought it was funny. Mods, if it’s too racey feel free to delete.
  9. muddhunter

    Concrete question

    I just poured a 25x41 inch slab 6 inches deep over an existing concrete floor. I did this to set and anchor a gun safe to it. I wanted to keep it up off the existing ground level to prevent any moisture in the case of water getting in on the existing floor. My question is how long should I allow...
  10. muddhunter

    Woooh man! that’s tough!

    First for me. I’ve eaten deer that was terrible due to bad cooking, poor field care, drove around for four days in the 80’s etc etc…But I shot a buck Sunday that biologists aged at 6.5 at Knox. I hung him Sunday into Monday morning with a fan and garage at 40 degrees. Skinned him Monday morning...
  11. muddhunter

    Flipped switch.

    I don’t know if it was the cool snap. The pressure from the muzzle loaders or just that time of year,(probably just that time of year) but I am now getting bucks on camera at cameras where there have only been does. Started the 17th. Buddy killed a nice 3.5 year old 9 that day on same farm and...
  12. muddhunter

    Nuisance coyote

    Can you trap a nuisance coyote on your private property out of trapping season? I’ve looked on KDFWR and it says you can but doesn’t say if you can out of season. I know you can shoot them anytime but I’m better at trapping them than hunting them. Thanks
  13. muddhunter

    Chipman pulled.

    I don’t know any other way to look at this than a win for the good guys. I know that we can look forward to another goofball anti 2nd amendment ding bat right around the corner but got to appreciate that David chipman ain’t the one.
  14. muddhunter

    500 S&W mag 325 gr ammo

    I’ve got a full box(20) and a partial(14) box of 500 S&W mag for sale. Won’t ship. Pick up or meet in Louisville or somewhere close. $40 I’ll answer PMs as I see them.
  15. muddhunter

    Over seed clover.

    I have about a 5 acre hay field that I’m trying to establish more clover. Is this a horrible time of year to overseed? Just cut hay off of it Thursday. Input appreciated.
  16. muddhunter

    “What the heck is this?” thread.

    This has probably been done on here before, but I can’t find it. What I do find is that I come back to this site myself to try to get things identified by the knowledgeable folks on here. So…thought, why not just have a thread where you can post your odd finds and see if anyone here can help...
  17. muddhunter

    Last Saturday of season trespasser

    I thought the woods were suspiciously quiet of gobbling this morning. Makes sense why. Caught a guy working his way through my farm this morning. I somehow managed to keep my cool long enough (sort of) to get him off my property and avoid going to jail myself. Fella from Arkansas said he got...
  18. muddhunter

    Where is the discussion on arm braces?

    Personally I find it absolutely ridiculous that SBRs and suppressors are on the NFA list but what the hell do I know. I expected more people to be up in arms about the potential reclassifications of arm braces, AR style pistols and other personal defense weapons. This administration is swinging...
  19. muddhunter

    Loctite on Vortex scopes

    Just installed a Vortex scope. Per the Vortex instructions I did not apply loctite when installing. Just tightened to 18 lbs. do you all normally use a thread lock on your scope installs or just torque per specs?
  20. muddhunter

    Feelings on selling ammo

    What are your thoughts on this? I am in a moral dilemma. I have some various ammo in calibers that I no longer have or that have just shown up over time. Not tons but some. I see these ridiculous prices people are asking and by the time I type up a snarky comment to make about them the ammo is...

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