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    Old Marlin 55 royal canadian 16 guage

    Family member died recently and left an aunt this old bolt action shotgun. From a little research, I found they only made around 3000 model 55s in 16 guage, and they only made the canadian model for 3 years so Im assuming the number of the "royal canadian" models made in 16 guage would be much...
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    Making home made bedding pillars for boyds stock/savage axis

    Recently ordered my dad a new boyds stock for my dad's savage axis to replace the flimsy Tupperware stock. Most of the bedding pillars I'm finding are 9/16" and some people are having issues with the stocks cracking a little when drilling out the holes for the action screws to accommodate the...
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    Pics from the Louisville Zoo

    Wow, no use on this for over 3 months...Ive been slacking. So to get this up and running a bit, I'll post some pics my wife took at the zoo yesterday at her company picnic. It was an absolutely beautiful day with great temps in the low 80s and very low humidity. Now for a few pics.
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    Questions about canned dill pickles

    My mother usually makes some awesome dill pickles. She just gave me 4 quarts she just made and this year's pickles are mushy. She puts them in a brine then seals the jars in a hot water bath instead of a canner. This year she tried a different cucumber than last years. Could this just be the...
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    New sunset pics on the ohio at the salt river.

    Im glad to see this segment of the forums finally getting some use. My wife really enjoys sunset pics so on the way home from brandenburg yesterday, we stopped in west point to take a few pics for the wife to add to her portfolio/Instagram page. She ended up taking 125 pics but I will just...
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    Wednesday evening at the river

    Took the wife to the floodwall by the house when she got home from work Wednesday evening. With just a few clouds to help color up the sky, the photos turned out nice.
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    Anyone shoot a 6mmbr, 6XC or 6.5mmX.284?

    Thinking of eventually building a gun for Fclass open at 600 and possibly 1000 yards. Anyone here shoot any of these calibers? If so, does anyone use it as a dual purpose rifle like shooting on a bench rest as well as deer hunting. Do they make good bullets for deer with any of these calibers or...
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    Had a nice hunt with daughter Saturday with both of us killing a deer

    Daughter and I sat in a 2 man stand Saturday morning and had a really nice hunt. Saw lots of deer and daughter dropped a doe in her tracks at about 60 yards. Less than a half hour later, i shot a decent buck at about 50 yards. Had both deer on the trailer by 11 am. Didnt see any chasing but did...
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    Ky schools and favoritism

    My 16 year old daughter is an excellent student. She is a junior at Meade county high school and currently has a 5.0 gpa. I didnt realize it went over 4.0 as it did when I was in school. She really would like to be able to say she is her class's valedictorian but was told its not possible...
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    Ready for a new "tinfoil" hat conspiracy theory?

    I told my wife when there was still 16 republican nominees that there was absolutely NO way that Trump could win the nomination. If he did, it would be that he was planted by the dems to insure a hitlery victory. Then this hit me a couple days ago. With the dems being caught vote tampering in...
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    UK defense against Carolina

    Who'd have thunk UKs defense would play with such intensity tonight? Was it the awful carolina offense, Lee Corso's comments that UK might have the worst defense in the country, Wesley Woodyards pregame peptalk, or the rumors around campus today about Stoops? Something lit a fire under their...
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    Need atv winch recommendations

    Recently bought a 09 honda rancher. I intend to offer my customers snow removal this winter and have no idea which winches are good and which ones are junk. While the winch I buy wont be used often for long pulls, it will get used alot while plowing snow as I need to lift and lower the plow at...
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    The upcoming cold fronts effect on the dove opener

    My very favorite day of hunting is almost upon us and now the weather man is calling for a fairly strong cold front on Wednesday night. Highs all week in the 90s then high of 83 Thursday and even cooler on Friday. Is that enough to push out birds that are starting to build on a field? Checked...
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    Best thing I have seen all day

    This will make you believe in karma. This video made me happy after making me angry.
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    3 Baton Rouge cops killed

    Here we go again. Im expecting it to get bad enough that marshal law is considered. Break out the tin foil boys. At least 3 cops killed, 3 more wounded in Baton Rouge - CBS News
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    Just a hypothetical distraction

    I have mentioned the thieving, worthless junkies that live across the street from me. The neighbor and I need to settle a bet now. About 2 hours ago, police descended on my neighborhood in force. There was a cop car on every corner and they ended up bringing in 3 canine units to search for a...
  17. S Owensboro. Anyone else there?

    Got to Owensboro last night to watch some good bluegrass. Old crow medicine show coming up in a little while, should be a good time. Anybody else make it out here with all the hippies?
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    Looking for .38 recommendations for a CCW for wife

    Wife is somewhat recoil sensitive. My lightweight .40 is too snappy for her and she doesnt have strong enough hands to rack the slide on most autos. Looking to get her a decent revolver. Looked at a whole bunch of .38s and .357s the other day but didnt get to shoot any. Looks like the airweight...
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    Thieving junkies in broad daylight.

    A little background first. I live in Valley station and although there were meth heads throughout this part of town for years, the crime wasnt very bad. Fast forward 8 year to today. We have a house across the street with 6 adults and 3 or 4 kids living there. 2 of the adult men are registered...
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    Due to popular requests..kyhuntings first bible study thread

    Hopefully this thread can manage to stay civil and not get shut down. Any bible verses really help you when you are down? How about when you have been wronged by someone? Facing some real adversity and not sure how to proceed? There is a bible verse thats pertinent to about any situation or...

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