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    First Day out

    Heading out to the woods for a few hours today. Work took priority this weekend causing me to miss the first 2 days of gun season. I still have to work Monday night. But after I get a few hours sleep I will hunt from around 10am to 3pm. Then go back to work for a 12 hour shift. Get off work...
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    Turkey and Ham on the smoker

    Put a turkey and ham on the smoker before i left for work. Will take it off when I get home. PICTURES to FOLLOW. Also I will be putting some B O L O G N A on the smoker this evening. I'll be back later with photos...
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    possible on Christmas night and the 26th according to the national weather service at paducah. Says the lower ohio valley well very likely see some snow fall with windy conditions. Still a few days out and the track will determine the AMOUNT OF SNOW. But all of so illinois, so indiana and west...
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    I got rabbits...if you got dogs

    I own a farm in Muhlenberg County near the Midland community and it has LOTS of rabbits. I had the farm logged a few years ago and the briars and undergrowth is thick. There is a logging road throughout the farm. I'm looking for a guy that has some dogs who is looking for some GREAT rabbit...
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    Looking for a "OLD TIMER" in the Muhlenberg County area to instruct me on how to build a smokehouse. Want to build the house, fire pit, and pipe to smokehouse. My grandfather who was a expert smoker and dad have both passed on. I can remember all the fun times we had involving a smokehouse and...
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    deer hunters--don't forget

    bobcat season doesn't start until november 24th. Trapping season starts november 12th.
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    Full Moon -- Deer Movement

    Went out this morning got in the stand at about 5:50am. There was a full moon and very BRIGHT. Within 5 minutes of settling in I heard deer movement. As the moon was going down and it got dark just before daylight I had 2 doe's and a small buck under my stand. They moved out within 10 minutes of...
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    Any chasing/rutting??

    Hunters who have been out the last few days have u seen any chasing/rutting? Seeing any scrape activity? Things should start to heat up! Have the bucks broke from bachelor groups?? :)
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    Tomorrow-Monday Morning starts

    the everyday I have off too the stand trips. Working 12 hour rotating shifts makes for some weekday trips to the deer stand. I have off Monday and will hunt and then work Tuesday night through Thursday night. Friday morning it will be back to the stand for the weekend. My schedule is kinda crazy...
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    Any1 hunt cool mornings this week/c any velvet??????

    I have had to work 12 hour shifts this week and haven't been able to get in the woods. Are the deer moving good during the cooler mornings? I tried to hunt opening weekend but the heat and HUMIDITY made it tough? Will be out Friday morning and every morning till next Friday. ANY BUCKS STILL IN...
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    N the stand in muhlenberg

    Back up in the stand for another evening hunt. Trying to get a velvet buck. C what the evening brings....
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    On stand in Muhlenberg County

    I'm 20 foot and camo'd up in Northwest muhlenberg county. Its hot and a bit breezy. Will have to see whathe afternoon brings? I'm hunting in the Bremen area near Midland.
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    Garden Bedder (disc hiller)

    Has anyone tried a garden bedder? Got any pics? How do you like it? and where did you buy it?? I'm looking into purchasing one to cut down on the hoe labor in my large garden. Especially with potatos......
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    Muhlenberg County 2 headed deer

    Has anyone seen the picture of the 2 headed deer killed near East high school? I saw it at church Sunday. Wondering of it was a hoax??? Does anyone have the pix?
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    Tornado Watch across Western Kentucky

    Be aware of weather this afternoon. A watch is in effect till 10pm.
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    Monday morning

    Out for another windy day hunt. This wind is killin the hunting! 20 mph plus is making the movement. Slow But you can't kill a monster buck in the house on the couch. A windy day hunt is better than no hunt. Thank the Lord for the freedom to hunt.
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    Did I miss opening gun season?????

    From all the shots I'm hearing I think it must be Saturday. Called my wife to drive to the farm and make sure no vehicles parked on us. Just heard at least the 15 shot of the day!
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    Friday Morning

    Cold. Full moon. Deer movement be for daylight. BUT NOTHING AFTER DAYLIGHT!!!! Does this full moon have them moving later in the day?? Or does the rut not affect their movement now. Drive home 50 miles yesterday about 6pm, dove to the farm this morning, hunted and no deer any where along the...
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    Going to stand for a late morning hunt

    Will be in the stand shortly for a late morning/afternoon hunt in muhlenberg county. Will see what happens??
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    Muhlenberg County friends

    I have a farm near Hwy 70 and 181 near Ken America mines. I'm have a terrible time with 4 wheelers and poachers on my farm. If anyone has any ideas who it is in the area private messages me. I WON'T USE YOUR NAME. My farm is on 70 right before the stop light if you were coming from Madisonville...