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    Moultrie mobile has a new game cam out connects to you cell phone. Pretty good reviews.
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    elk survey

    Kdfw is doing a survey about the elk in KY ,voices do matter give your opinion, lets keep it to the state let the ones who pays for the land and taxes have first bids on these elk. KY hunters should have first chance of getting drawed vs out of state hunters
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    trap checking

    How early are you all out checking traps in the morning, or do so.e wait till they get around to checking how long do you leave your traps out before you go back check on them,
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    Taking my 7.62x54 tomorrow for a custom sporterized rifle build. Can't wait to get it back
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    trail camera

    Has or can anyone put up a trail camera and video on a hole or set. To.see what takes places
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    22 250

    Still looking for a marlin xs7vh in 22 250 if someone has one or they run across one. Thanks
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    Any trappers around central ky
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    Any good gunsmith around central KY.
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    full moon

    Does a full moon affect trapping, will they still move versus other moon
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    play toys

    Did Santa deliver any new play toys this year
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    fur buyers

    Any fur buyers in central ky
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    Bourbon balls, apple pie drink

    Anybody making any for the holidays, any good recipes
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    fire lapping muzzloader

    I was watching it on you tube, any viewers ever done it. Either muzzle or rifle
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    country eggs

    How long will country eggs last in fridge
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    pressure canner

    Any good reviews what model is good or bad
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    muzzle loader kits

    Anyone on here ever bou h the a kit, any good reviews and accuracy
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    What are coyote,foxes,mink beaver hides used for
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    cva accura v2

    I have a cva accura v2 anybody else have this muzzle. What type of load and powder do you use.
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    deer pics of deer that wasn't killed

    I no some of you guys have some freak pics of some giants that wasn't killed. Post them here
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    wtb 22 250

    Looking to buy 22 250 let me know what you have thanks

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