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    Another good resturant.

    Feedmill in Morganfield KY........ I love their Cajun food and fried catfish. They had opened a location in Louisville called Joe's OK Bayou but have closed it recently. They got me hooked on Cajun food.
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    2018 Fern Creek 3D Archery Shoots

    2018 Fern Creek Sportsman Club 3-D Archery Shoot 15400 Brush Run Road Louisville Ky 30 targets in a natural wooded environment, some elevated platforms. Everything from alligators to warthogs. Rinehart and Mackenzie targets. Beginner and family oriented atmosphere. $10.00 per round. $5.00...
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    What do you call a bird dog at Christmas? A point setter............. Merry Christmas to all.
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    Well she is now at Murray.

    Moved in and joined a sorority. Alpha Delta Pi I believe. Seems to be adjusting and liking it. Time will tell. LOL Now to get her to buckle down and get studying. LOL
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    New Murray State Racer

    Well took the grand daughter up for her college orientation. Guess I will be bringing her back up to move in this August. Impressed with the campus, wish I would have considered Murray when I went to college..........except I probably would have flunked out with all the time I would have spent...
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    Kentucky/Longhunter History.

    Little bit of a history buff, especially the 1700's. Lady has a facebook page called John Stewart, Longhunter 1744-1770 and posts about this period. She is a descendant of John Stewart who had accompanied Boone to Ky. Very interesting reads if your in to this type of history. Currently she...
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    2016 3D and archery shoot schedules

    2016 Fern Creek Sportsman Club 3D Archery Schedule Fern Creek Sportsman Club 2016 3D archery schedule. 30 outdoor targets in a natural wooded setting. Everything from alligators to warthogs, in a family friendly atmosphere. $10.00 Per Round, public welcome. Sign-ups from 08:00 AM to 1:00 PM...
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    Deer Run Cabins.

    Has anyone purchase or had any dealings with them? Based out of Campbellsville Ky from what is says on their website, but no address given.
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    Cutting Tobacco and Lunch Time..........

    The last meal topic got me thinking about when I used to cut tobacco years ago and the meals that were laid out for lunch (dinner) depending on where I was cutting. Fried chicken, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, greens, deviled eggs, stewed tomatoes, mac and cheese, cucumbers and onions, corn bread...
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    Bobcat in Bar II

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    Bobcat in Bar

    Here's a little better pic of my bar and bobcat.
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    2013 Deer mount in the man cave

    Finally got him back from my cousin. Mount is the one in the middle. She mounted the one on the left and the bobcat as well. I think she did a great job.[/URL][/IMG]
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    Key West

    Wife has a conference in Miami. Thinking about heading down and meeting her for a long weekend. Thought about driving down to Key West. Any suggestions on what to do or see while we are there?
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    Hobo Dinner/Garbage Can Boil

    Having a large family reunion in June, didn't want a huge fuss in cooking since its going to be a large group. My cousin suggested a Hobo dinner and then described it as cooking everything in a garbage can. Potatoes, cabbage, corn on the cob, polish sausage, picnic ham, carrots etc, Never...
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    FERNCREEK 3D shoot for March 8th Canceled.

    Due to the amount of snow on our outdoor course we are canceling our shoot for this weekend. Our next shoot is March 22nd.........and we will probably all be shooting in shorts and t-shirts by then. LOL Hope to see at the next shoot and sorry we had to cancel this one. R
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    The Ole Geese Hole.

    Looking out my office window, there is a small patch of open water with about 250 geese around it. Now usually they take off like clock work at 08:30 feed and come back mid afternoon and loaf. These things haven't moved in three days. You would think they would get hungry and go out and...
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    Fern Creek Sportsman Club 2015 3D Shoots.

    FernCreek Sportsman Club will host their first shoot for 2015 on January 25th. Registration from 08:30 till 1:00 PM. Alligators to warthogs, 30 outdoor 3 D targets in a wooded setting. Family atmosphere and all ages and abilities welcome. $10.00 per round, public welcome. 15400 Brushrun...
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    Anyone headed to Illinois?

    Headed down to hunt with does not look too promising. Rain the forcast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Glad I have my tree stand umbrella and some good rain gear. LOL.
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    Shameless Plug for a knife.

    Buddy of mine gave me a Havalon knife last year. I finally got to use it during youth season on the grand daughters deer and a doe I shot this weekend, that is one wicked little knife. For field dressing and skinning its the best knife I've ever used. Now it can't be...
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    Why I like to take girls hunting................

    Took my ten year old grand daughter out Sunday for youth season. She shoots her first deer. A nice doe. We call home, her four year old brother wants to see it before we take it to the processor............ Drive home, she pops out of the truck and runs into the house. Grandson looks at the...

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