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  1. HuntsItAll

    I’d say we’re off to a good start!!

    We had one of the best doves hunts I’ve been on in a while!!! The action was non stop!! Lots of people, and all had a good time. Got to hunt with a few other forum members on here also! A good start to what I hope is a fantastic season.Old girl still fetching them up for me!!Brooklyn ended up...
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    Tactacam reveal suggestions

    Looking into the tactacam cameras. Anyone have any advice on which model works best? Deer season I just use photos. Turkey season I like to set to video mode. Looking at the Reveal X 2.0, or the Reveal XB. Thanks for any help
  3. HuntsItAll

    Tagged Out!!

    This has been a great weekend!!! Double bearded tom yesterday! Jake today!! So proud of you Matthew!!
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    Next rifle???

    Looking at getting another rifle before next hunting season. What suggestions do you all have?? My kids (3 daughters and a son) are the main ones that’ll be using it. Currently they’re using a 243, and a 223. But my oldest will now be hunting by herself, and need another rifle for her to take...
  5. HuntsItAll

    Last hunt!!

    Had another great hunt this morning!! Got 9 out today!! Last one of the year for my kiddos. We’ve had a great season for squirrels! Big thanks to Derek for bringing out his dogs and letting the kids follow them around. Today hit the 100 mark for squirrels shot out to his dogs this season! Most...
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    Found the match!

    Found the match yesterday evening to the shed I found Sunday!!! Was about 300yrds from the first one. Can’t wait to see what he’ll look like next year! Love find these treasures!!
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    Squirrel taxidermist???

    Anyone got any good recommendations for a good taxidermist for mounting a squirrel?? Looking for options on getting my son’s squirrel mounted!
  8. HuntsItAll

    One heck of a day!!!

    Wasn’t sure which forum to put all this in because we covered several of them today!!! From deer, to small game, and even nest predators!!! Started out the day picking up a shed right in my corn pile!!! It’s from the deer I was really hoping to find.Then a good friend of mine brought his kids...
  9. HuntsItAll

    Extras on the trap line!!

    They were everywhere today!! Running a few traps on this 3 day weekend!! Seen a couple squirrels yesterday but only had the pistol with us. Today Matthew brought his gun and got his limit!! Started out just walking down our logging road and got 3, then we eased off a little point and they were...
  10. HuntsItAll

    Got squirrelly today!!!

    Awesome morning!!! A friend of mine brought his dog, and the kids had a blast! His 3 kids, 3 of mine, and my daughter’s boyfriend…… Everyone had a great time. We let the kids do the shooting, and they all got in on the action! This was the boyfriend’s first time squirrel hunting. He got 3...
  11. HuntsItAll

    First Bobcat!!

    Was deer hunting with my son on Sunday afternoon and right before dark after a failed attempt to catch a squirrel 40yrds away from us, this bobcat saw us on the ground and came running down the ridge straight at us. I yelled at it and it stopped 20ft away. It was so close I had a hard time...
  12. HuntsItAll

    Happy Boy!!

    This boy has hunted his butt off this year, and today he said he wasn’t passing a doe!! He’s watched deer after deer walk by waiting on a good buck. Many cold hunts and long sits. This big doe came sneaking through around 9 this morning and the passing was over!! So proud of him and how much...
  13. HuntsItAll

    The girls are getting it done!!

    Opening afternoon we had a full blind! Me and my 3 youngest kids all piled into the blind over my food plot that I’d been saving for my youngest daughter to hopefully get her first buck. No one had hunted it all season. My oldest daughter was hunting by herself on the other side of the property...
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    Mocking me.....

    Can’t tell if my dog is sticking her tongue out at me because she’s tired of me taking her pictures? Or because I couldn’t get one more dove to fill out my limit?? Either way it was another great hunt!! Went the other day after work. Birds were flying like crazy when we got there, but around 6...
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    Awesome weekend!!

    Started off Friday morning with a squirrel hunt, and then it was full on dove mode from there!!
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    Canning question???

    Can venison vegetable soup be canned?? I’ve got some neck roasts left in the freezer that I’d like to get out to make room for this season’s deer. Was hoping to cook and shred for some soup and can them. I’ve heard you can do it, and can’t?? Maybe certain vegetables only?? Other than mixed...
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    Quarantine Week

    We were all on quarantine a couple weeks ago, so we did a little trapping to help save some turkeys!!! My son is ate up with anything outdoors!! This trapping has him excited every day. I’m going to have to expand my knowledge of trapping though... We’ve been trying to catch a pair of red foxes...
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    Tristar Raptor

    Anyone on here use one for turkey hunting? My daughter got a 20g last year for her birthday, and is wanting to turkey hunt this year with it. I’m wanting to know what options for adding a red-dot type scope to it?? There aren’t any tapped holes in it currently for a base. Do they make a saddle...
  19. HuntsItAll

    My biggest buck today!!

    Got my biggest buck today!! This buck was a regular on camera last year. This year he only showed up on camera 11/7 and 11/12. Then disappeared all during rifle season. He showed back up again last weekend!!! Saw him following about 100yrds behind 3 does this morning at 9:30. The does got within...
  20. HuntsItAll

    Great ending to a great season!

    Brooklyn ended the rifle season for us this morning with a great buck!! Came cruising through the woods at 9:15. Only deer we saw this morning. She has put in some many long hours waiting on a good buck!! Been a blessed season with my son, Matthew also getting a nice buck on Friday morning the...