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    First Day out

    Heading out to the woods for a few hours today. Work took priority this weekend causing me to miss the first 2 days of gun season. I still have to work Monday night. But after I get a few hours sleep I will hunt from around 10am to 3pm. Then go back to work for a 12 hour shift. Get off work...
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    smoker builds

    ditto- would be interested in purchasing one
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    2 man boat?

    rural king on sale this week for $399
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    2 man boat?

    If your near the muhlenberg county area and decide it isnt working out i would be interested in buying it off you?
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    Turkey and Ham on the smoker

    Put a turkey and ham on the smoker before i left for work. Will take it off when I get home. PICTURES to FOLLOW. Also I will be putting some B O L O G N A on the smoker this evening. I'll be back later with photos...
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    possible on Christmas night and the 26th according to the national weather service at paducah. Says the lower ohio valley well very likely see some snow fall with windy conditions. Still a few days out and the track will determine the AMOUNT OF SNOW. But all of so illinois, so indiana and west...
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    Deer Hunting In Henderson County??

    If you don't want to hunt it I WILL. I personally know of several bigs bucks coming out of this area. It's crop ground with hard woods especially near the river. A friend of mine has had great Sucess hunting this area. If you can do some scouting or have someone do a little for you then a good...
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    This coming weekend

    I'll be out this weekend and week. Rain or shine> Still looking for the big ONE.
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    Quail and Rabbit populations

    Have a lot of rabbits on my farm in Muhlenberg County. Haven't seen any quail. :(
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    Vacation Ideas

    Cocoa Beach Get surf lessons from one of the locals yep its warm enough in April
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    Simple childhood memories....

    cane poles and creek banks trot lines with papaw flashlight tag stomping mice at the corn crib feeding the slop to the family hogs walking corn fields to pickup the missed cobs smoking out ground hogs pitching the family chickens in the creek--nope they don't swim BIG WHEELS Squirrel...
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    I got rabbits...if you got dogs

    if someone would like to build rabbit boxes and capture rabbit I'm in. We could build a few boxes and run them together.
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    I got rabbits...if you got dogs

    I own a farm in Muhlenberg County near the Midland community and it has LOTS of rabbits. I had the farm logged a few years ago and the briars and undergrowth is thick. There is a logging road throughout the farm. I'm looking for a guy that has some dogs who is looking for some GREAT rabbit...
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    Looking for a "OLD TIMER" in the Muhlenberg County area to instruct me on how to build a smokehouse. Want to build the house, fire pit, and pipe to smokehouse. My grandfather who was a expert smoker and dad have both passed on. I can remember all the fun times we had involving a smokehouse and...
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    Day #1... Matt's my buddy, but he has to go!!!! LOL!!

    Thats a BIG cat!! NICE PIXS!!!!
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    Having a blast!

    Nice. Trapping fever!!
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    OK, Who's still holding?

    I've still got my buck tag too. But im not worried. This is the week I've had my best luck the last 4-5 years. Seems the big boys get stirred up and I see some big bucks I hadn't seen all year this week. Don't worry patience pays off.
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    County updates

    Muhlenberg County. Slow day a few shots. Seen one doe and 2 small bucks.
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    deer hunters--don't forget

    bobcat season doesn't start until november 24th. Trapping season starts november 12th.
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    Christian county this weekend - rut report - rut time i hope???????

    I second this!! Muhlenberg County is HOT!!