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  1. hollow_rat

    Someone wanted to kill Trump

    here is one that ran a roadblock one time for obama
  2. hollow_rat

    have to dig new waterline: ditch Witch vs small escavator

    you can get a ditch witch that you use like a tiller and they do pretty good job
  3. hollow_rat

    Identifying a tree

    good firewood but split while its green.after it seasons out have fun
  4. hollow_rat

    elk survey

    a lot 0f out of staters own land in ky. i live in tn but still own land in ky and pay taxes there so why should we be unable to try for one cause we live out of state.
  5. hollow_rat

    Steve Beshear doesn't get it

    can we get a like button on here for things like this
  6. hollow_rat

    East KY collapse

    i was laid off from the mines 4 years ago but my dr had wanted me to try to get my disabilty little bit before that worked 37 years around the mines.i got it and moved to New Market Tn near Cherokee Lake.when i go visit my mom i can tell a lot of differance in around up there.down her within 25...
  7. hollow_rat

    Cell phone carrier alternatives?

    I have a iphone 4 that was on att before switching it to net works off verizon and att towers.get good signal about everywhere i go.40 a month for unlimited text and talk 1.5 gig at 4g then after that can pay 50 and get more data a month cant remember how much
  8. hollow_rat

    Twice Blessed!!

    congrats nice looking bull.enjoy the good eating
  9. hollow_rat

    well they are in tn now

    thunderhead supposed to have been
  10. hollow_rat

    well they are in tn now

    this was on watetv station okay so have at
  11. hollow_rat

    Heading out in the am.

    good luck hope u get a good one stay safe dwight
  12. hollow_rat

    I hate bear!!!

    this is a pic of a paw print that was around my neices house in knott me it is a big one.what do you all think
  13. hollow_rat

    38 Years! and holding!

    been married 32 years this past may for me
  14. hollow_rat

    Sonic boom about 9:45am??

    at one time they would send a couple jets from one base to act like they bombed Carr Fork dam and then send 2 from another base to keep them from was something to watch when they got there about the same time.
  15. hollow_rat


    In Tn if you are doing 10 mph below speed limit and more than 4 cars behind you pull over or they can write you up no matter what you are driving.
  16. hollow_rat

    Who got there lea choice?

    Rick if you are in the at large lea can you hunt the voucher places.good luck to all that is drawn
  17. hollow_rat

    More hunting land avaible/Thank you K.F.W.!

    Yes there are Rick.we went over some of it when I took you around that day.know i am going to get asked for info but live in Tn now.about any of the Kentucky River Properties hold good elk.The Revelation Property does also but everyone needs to watch and be sure of the lines. good luck to all.
  18. hollow_rat

    More hunting land avaible/Thank you K.F.W.!

    looks like someone finaly made a deal with Kentucky River Properties.they used not let anyone hunt elk.
  19. hollow_rat

    Must does in Gatlinburg tn

    another way to bypass the 407 messs is go to 417 and turn south on 92 just follow rt 92 signs.goes by douglass lake and come to rt 411 at the bush bean factory.take a right there and go to veterans blvd and go out by have to get in some of pigeon forge maddness but it the end near...
  20. hollow_rat

    Crossbow season

    got enough for everyone carry on