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  1. matewsq2

    welding hoods

    what kind of hoods do you welders on here use or like the most?
  2. matewsq2


    I was setting on the picnic table tonight looking down across the field to the ponds on the phone with a friend when i saw something come outta the woods.I told him id call back going to shoot this ground i came in the house got the 223 an went back out in the yard found it in the field...
  3. matewsq2

    lamprey eels

    Any of yall been catchen fish on barkley or ky with these suckers stuck to them?dad drug one in the boat today on a redear they are some rough looken critters
  4. matewsq2

    layed off

    i got layed off today an it is the first time ive ever been happy to be layed off.i was so unhappy there they wouldnt take care of the ones that would work an was worth a crap,hey wanted to take care of an pay good the ones that were lazy an useless yes men that was always under the desk suck...
  5. matewsq2


    does any of you guys grow pumpkins to sell? if so what kind of price do you put on them?
  6. matewsq2


    is remington makeing the shurshot in 20 ga. other than a cantilever?
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    what do you do when you buy your sportsmans they rip them off with only 5 tag spots on the back instead of enuff for everything that comes with them?
  8. matewsq2

    Remington model 550-1

    What is this gun worth?Aguy i work with has one an wanten to know.
  9. matewsq2

    5 hp briggs

    I have a 5 hp briggs on a go kart. it fires but wont start an back fires threw carb an exhast togather when you put a shot of gas or starter fuild in carb.thinken the flywheel key may be sheered any other thoughts?
  10. matewsq2

    You mite be addicted

    to hunting if you watch hunting shows up till the time trhe dr comes in to catch your newborn baby. Wyatt Dale was born at 11:58 11/10/09 7.38LBS 18" long mom an baby are doing great an dad is higher on life than ever.:D
  11. matewsq2

    bow tech guys

    Is the bow tech/diamind nitrous a good bow for the money?
  12. matewsq2

    Problems on school bus.

    Our 3 kids are in grade school.they all set in the same seat an we know how brothers an sisters are when they are that close.Well last wensday my youngest boy hit my little girl and a sophmore in highschool told him that if he touched her again that he was gonna slice him up.well wife went to...
  13. matewsq2

    REMINGTON model 5 .22

    Do any of you guys have this gun or know anyone that has messed around with it.Im thinking about getting one.How does it compare to the 581?
  14. matewsq2

    demo derby

    Well i went to our county fair tonight.It was derby nite an the first lawn more derby here at our fair an that I have saw it was pretty funny. was a lot of them from benton there are they the ones that got this started?an they got bout 2 or 3 heats of cars in then it came a flood,it stopped they...
  15. matewsq2


    Ive been on vacation sence last thursday an have got to go back friday its gonna sux.all ive done is a little fishing an got a lick put out for the deer an the yard mowed.time flies when your not worken.:(
  16. matewsq2

    trophy rocks

    Does any of you guys use the trophy rock an if so have you had any luck with it or tell anything bout the size of deer after useing it?
  17. matewsq2


    Bowfishing at Barkley an KY dams need to be watched closer by c/os.I was down there Fridaynight fishing an you couldn't hardly breath for the smell of dead fish that people has shot an not took with them like they are supose to.An yes this was from bowfishing there was many gar with arrow holes...
  18. matewsq2

    reel repair

    I have a cup. of baitcasters i need fixed where is there a place in wky that can fix them at a reasonable price.
  19. matewsq2


    is anyone catchen any strippers or whiteys on barkley or ky?
  20. matewsq2

    S-10 truck

    I have a 88 S-10 that is getting gas an fireing but wont start an some times it will backfire thew the exshaust what is the problem with it?:confused: