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    Anyone else finding sheds yet?

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    Shed's !!!!!!

    Anyone getting any pictures of bucks that have shedded this year?
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    Question about coyote?

    Looking for land to coyote hunt in or around mercer co. Im looking for more people to do some coyote with?
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    Question about 22-250

    What is the best ammo to use in a Remington Model 700 bolt action 22-250 for coyote hunting?
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    Cat fishing

    Does anyone know some good bait to use in paylakes? Also does anyone know of any good paylakes to go fishing at?
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    turkey mount

    Does anyone know any good taxidermist?
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    coyote hunting

    Hey looking for some land to coyote hunt on in Mercer co.
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    coyote hunting

    Im looking for some coyote hunting land in merecer co. or close...
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    Coyote Land

    I am looking for coyote hunting land in or around Mercer County. Email me if you have any questions or available land. Thanks!