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  1. TarKennels

    3a cow tag need help asap

    My buddie got drawed for a cow rifle 3a, but thw past month his scouting has turned up 0 cows 16-20 bulls, if anyone could help please give him a call 270-692-1234 chuck thanks also he is a tax. so he will help you if you need anything mounted
  2. TarKennels

    Looking for some info

    Was wanting a Lab, pref. one started does anyone have no were i could get one, would take a pup also Any Idea's on a bloodlines, also looking for a trainer to send it to
  3. TarKennels

    5 man limit

    After 3 days chasing
  4. TarKennels

    10 year old Scores 3a

  5. TarKennels

    3a Youth cow tag

    10 year old got drawed for a cow in 3a, had a place lined up were my buddy has been seening them everyday, now they are gone has not seen them in 2 weeks, anyone might know were he can go to to fill his tag
  6. TarKennels

    Video of a doe I took

  7. TarKennels

    Westin Buck Video And pictures

    He was getting alittle mad when we let a few small bucks pass, so i told him he could shoot the next one that came out that little 3 pointer don't know how close he came to get a 150 Noslar Partition
  8. TarKennels

    Finnaly got Bucks

    Not the ones I wanted to see
  9. TarKennels

    Turkey Pictures

  10. TarKennels

    The future

    yote and 2 puppies hard to see on here
  11. TarKennels

    My X2

    Just picked it up from Camo & Graphics had it dipped in Duck Blind
  12. TarKennels

    2009 mount back

    Seems toward the end of season they all look some much bigger ;) maybe it was the 238 yard shot :) anyway here he is done by southern pride tax.
  13. TarKennels

    Sons First turkey hunt Video

  14. TarKennels

    20 ga Patterns

    20 ga 870 remingtion youth 40 Yards Jellyhead Choke 3 inch shells Nitro Shells 1-7/16 oz. #4x5x7 20 ga 870 remingtion youth 40 Yards Jellyhead Choke 3 inch shells Heavy-Shot 1-1/4 oz. #6 Can't wait till the Indian Creek comes in to try it out
  15. TarKennels

    Need A favor

    I have several guys that have shot some yotes over the last month, and They are checking there body temperature from the time they are killed and very hour after up to 14 hours after death, What I need is some more stats of some dogs, if you can hep me out i would really appreciated it
  16. TarKennels

    My Z7

    Just came in had to wait for 5 weeks glad I did 70 pound 28.5 inch draw 385 grain arrow 311 fps
  17. TarKennels

    Crusade For Children Coyote Hunt

  18. TarKennels

    Saturdays Hunt

    First Set up we called in the red my buddy Boyd smoked him with R25 at around 150 yards Next set up we are just get set up, hadn't even got to sit down yet, when this boy comes strolling across the field of course he's on Boyds side, 200 yards yote down. Next set we up going in we catch...
  19. TarKennels

    Order My New Z7

    Looked @ it all morning, first didn't like it, but the more i looked @ it the more i had to have it. SHot the demo and it is so smooth and fast. I think i'm really going to like it
  20. TarKennels

    How many hunt

    How many hunts do you hit a year, and what's the best average on getting a degree won. After how many hunt do you just give up and change dogs. Before this past year i hunted some were just about every weekend when i had something worth taking, I would give a dog 5 hunts to make ntch that's it