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  1. Ky_buckhunter

    Bluegrass Army Depot

    It's been several years since I was drawn to hunt the army depot. This year I was lucky enough to be drawn for the December muzzleloader hunt. I noticed this year there is an option to write in your preferred guide and/or hunt area. I'm sure there is no guarantee that you will get the area you...
  2. Ky_buckhunter

    My 2011 10pt and my cousins 2011 10pt

    Took this 10pt on Nov. 20 Also I have been taking my little cousin who is 10years old all year to try and get him his first deer and it has been tough to say the least. He has had some bad luck. He missed a doe during youth season and missed a good 8pt during first black powder. We went again...
  3. Ky_buckhunter

    Caught in the act (ELK pics)

    Their little secret is out now!! :eek: Saw the big boy while i was in the stand today. They were bugleing everywhere today! Btw the dates on the cam are 2months behind
  4. Ky_buckhunter

    Ehu 5???

    Anyone needing a place to hunt in EHU 5 let me know. Heard several different bulls this evening, may be able to help you out.
  5. Ky_buckhunter

    Elk pics

    Few elk pics
  6. Ky_buckhunter

    Age This Deer!!

    Got a little bet going on with my buddy. Im saying this deer is 3.5yrs old and under hes saying hes older than 3.5. any opinions? Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  7. Ky_buckhunter

    Ehu 5

    Anyone needing a place to hunt in EHU 5 pm me
  8. Ky_buckhunter

    Picked up a new toy

    Well i finally decided to upgrade a little and picked up this Nitro 911 CDC. its a little over 20' with a merc 225. I was kind of skeptical of the center dual console at first and was worried about how it would feel driving from the left side of the boat but i got use to it real quick. It...
  9. Ky_buckhunter

    Cherokee Lake

    Anyone fished cherokee yet this year? May be heading down either tomorrow or sometime in the next few days if the predicted rain holds off..
  10. Ky_buckhunter


    well heres a few pics i got of the buck I believe i shot at during the last week of rifle season. I posted pics of him once before in early november but you couldnt tell much about him since his head was down, but I finally got a few better ones of him now. I didnt know he was as tall as he is...
  11. Ky_buckhunter

    rich scouting

    headed out to rich wma to put up a stand and scout...if anyone else is out there I may see ya!!!
  12. Ky_buckhunter

    Letcher County 34 point buck

    Looks like letcher county has done it again..I just saw where a guy killed a 34 point in the local paper. Im trying to find the pic on the net to post up. Anyone else seen it? he may be a member on here for all I know.
  13. Ky_buckhunter


    I was just wanting to get someones opinion other than mine on a score...looks like he has some pretty good mass, not a whole lot of tine length though
  14. Ky_buckhunter

    few new bucks

  15. Ky_buckhunter

    A little bit of everything (ELK, Bear, Turkey...)

    A little bit of everything (ELK, Bear, Turkey, Deer...) checked the cam and had a little bit of everything on there...I have alot of pics to load so be patient...
  16. Ky_buckhunter


  17. Ky_buckhunter

    My two 08 buck mounts

    Well I finally got my 2 ky deer back from the taxidermist and I figured I would post a few pics. There not anything to brag about, no booners or anything remotely close, but there decent deer. The one on the right was the deer I thought i had been seeing on my trail cam but I was wrong or I...
  18. Ky_buckhunter

    Got cows?

    well i finally set one of my cameras up and checked it today and this is only a couple out of 100's that i got.
  19. Ky_buckhunter


    Anybody been to cherokee in the past week or so? I havent been in about a week or two and just wondering if anything has changed and what the bass have been hiting in the past few days.
  20. Ky_buckhunter

    Cabin in the snow

    I was at the cabin the other day after the snow and figured i would snap a few pics to share....

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