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  1. TedB

    Blue Diamond voucher area access.

    Does anybody know who I can call or maybe you know yourself what areas of Blue Diamond are open to voucher holders and how you can get access. Of the 6 or 8 access points I've found only one gate was open. I spoke to the guard at the main gate and they told me the foreman didn't know anything...
  2. TedB

    Hunting boots for wide feet.

    I haven't bought any hunting boots for about 5 years. The pair I've got have lost their waterproofing and one heel has come unstitched so it's time. My problem is, I wear a size 12 but EE in width, I usually have to wear a size 13 or bigger with socks. Think something similar to an orangatang's...
  3. TedB

    Calling contests

    How do you find out when and where calling contests are? I'd like to get my son in some.
  4. TedB

    Bows with 32" draw length

    Any bows the last few years that have come with a 32" draw length? My sons best friend is saddled with being 15 and 6'4. Great if he was a football player, not so great as an archer. He's outgrown his Diamond and I'm trying to help him find an affordable bow to shoot and hunt with.
  5. TedB

    Scent smoker users?

    Has anybody or does anybody used the Scent Smoker system? It's just a bee smoker, you burn hickory chips in it and smoke yourself and your clothes and gear. I used to use cedar chips, then fox urine in the old days. Then I went scent killer, clothes, spray, ect which was more trouble than it...
  6. TedB

    Gobbler oaks

    Where is the cheapest place to find gobbler sawtooth oaks? I have around 200 regular sawtooths that I raised and I'm buying more to replace the dead ash trees on my place.
  7. TedB

    Water snaring

    I'd like to try to do some snaring for beaver and otter this year. I've trapped before but haven't done much snaring. I don't really care about numbers, a few pelts to tan and hang on the wall and the experience and I would be happy. What do you think I need to start with equipment wise? I'm...
  8. TedB

    Been Layin up some wood!

    Got permission to cut logs on a place where they are doing some bulldozer work. Cut and pulled out a dozen logs. Biggest 2 are about 16" across. A couple were standing dead and have some checks but most were fresh. Plan on splitting most in half, hauling them to the farm and then putting...
  9. TedB

    Green river conditions

    Anybody know what green river looks like after the rain we had? We are planning a canoe trip there for next week. Also any fishing advice?
  10. TedB

    Beaver tails

    What do you guys do with your beaver tails? Do you usually toss them or do you sell them? I need some for bow grips. Thought somebody might have a couple in the freezer.
  11. TedB

    Lowering weight on a longbow?

    I bought a longbow on eBay, it's a 3 piece takedown r/d longbow. It pulls 62 at 28 and my draw is about 27". I'd love for it to pull 52-55 at my weight. I've read about trapping a bow to make it lighter, anybody know somebody that would do that? Could I achieve that weight or should I just...
  12. TedB

    Tuning carbon

    Anybody have any tips on tuning carbon arrows? I'm shooting full length 5575's with 150 grn field points out of my [email protected]" Martin hatfield but not really happy with the groups I'm getting. I was thinking about going to 3555 and/or heavier field points but I can't decide which would be best...
  13. TedB

    Dbnf in Rockcastle county access

    Does anybody know of any trail heads in DBNF in Rockcastle county? I'm not familiar with the area and wanted to try to start exploring around the rockcastle river. Thanks
  14. TedB

    Ash trees dying?

    Looks like the ash borers have taken over my place in Owen county. Tons of trees with the bark being stripped off by wood peckers and dead limbs falling. Has anybody else noticed it? Does anybody know if the ash trees will come back or are they gone for good? I'm planning on going through...
  15. TedB

    A place to start looking for cats?

    We've been calling coyotes some and managed to call one in for my nephew last Saturday. We would like to try to call in a cat or two before season ends. My place is in Owen county and there's not many cats. Anybody have any suggestions for public land that has them? I've killed a couple in...
  16. TedB

    Choke threads in shotgun

    I put a Jelly Head in my Win 1300 last spring. Patterned great, killed awesome. Went to change it out to modified to go rabbit huntin and the last 1/8 inch of the choke looks like a torn pop can and my threads are jacked. I contacted promos and they will send me a new choke whoopee! But I still...
  17. TedB

    Found:garmin reciever

    Found a garmin Astro receiver on the road to a WMA in Owen county. ID it and I'll get it to you.
  18. TedB

    Late dove

    Anybody do any late dove hunting? Been seeing some big flocks around. Does anybody know if you can still hunt the WMA fields in late season?
  19. TedB

    Anybody have a groundhog they'll rent?

    Just wondering if anybody around Lexington or north has a Groundhog Max I could rent or borrow to put in some small plots. I'd just like to see how they work on my soil before spending the money for one. Thanks.
  20. TedB

    Starting a 3d range

    I have a friend who has been thinking about setting up a 3D range on his farm as added income. There is only one range about 30 miles away and so he should be able to draw from several counties. He's about 30 minutes from Lexington and has a great layout for both open and woods shots and a...

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