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    Went 2day

    Went today to LBL. Set up a few places to try the to call a cat up. Today was very warm and windy. I didn't do any good at all, but it was still a good day to be outside in the woods
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    TN end of LBL

    Went today to TN end of LBL today. my partner and myself were getting rifles out of the truck and I said as we are taking a whiz " This looks like a good place for coyotes. I didn't a bit more get that out of my mouth and 200 yards away in a broom sage field were 2traveling across the field ...
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    2012 Turkey season Dates

    Im already picking vacations for 2012. I was wondering is Adult Turkey Season starting April 14 th?
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    Stalking the B Mobile

    I took my 12 yr old cousin Youth Turkey hunt. On a friends farm over looking a small field between 2 ridges. I put THe B mobile and hen out in a breeding mode. Yote comes out into the field and sets down @ 80 yards or so. My couison says " Do you want me to shoot it ? Mmm. Oh Yea :). The Yote...
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    Went today

    Went today , setup just below the top of the ridge. On the 23 minute mark seen some movement to my far left on the top of the ridge in some thick brush and some trees down from ice storm. I couldnt see the Yote good enough for a good shot then looked like movement down the ridge. I'm thinking I...
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    Foxpro Fast And Furious

    I was Channel surfing and turned it on the Outdoor Channel and turned it on Foxpro's new show. Foxpro fast and Furious comes on Thursday nights @ 6:00 on the Outdoor Channel .
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    A 15 yr old girl I go to Church with was Killed yesterday Deer Hunting. Thoughts and prayers for The Burkey Family
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    Fly By

    Took my 9 yr old bow hunting Turkey this weekend. I had some hen decoys out @10 yards portyraying in a feeding position. Just starting to get Daylight and a young pup does a fly by @ the decoys and keeps going. I thought well that's the end of that. I guess about 30 minutes later , he comes in...
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    Lbl hunt

    Wondering if the LBL hunt will be the first weekend in Febuaury? I know it's far away but we pick vacations for the year in December. I know it usually is but just checking to make sure.
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    KY state laws on Youth Turkey Hunter

    I'm wanting to take my 9 year old Bow Hunting for Turkeys this Fall. I have seen there is no Poundage limit. I'm wondering can he start the season going with me as soon as bow Season starts or does he have to wait for a youth season? This question I can't seem to find in the REG book?
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    what about the ?

    Back a few months ago someone on here was talking about a right-to - carry law for Bow Hunters. I was wondering about this law , I believe some one on here said it passed but I have never heard anymore about it. Do any of you guys or Gals know anything about it and what has happened so far on...
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    Turkeys all around

    I went this morning with the blind and bow. I had 13 turkeys around me ,but wouldnt commit like I wanted. I had 2 hen decoys out at 15 yards and had 2 gobblers hang up at 40 ish . I put the 40 yard pin on one because it was working its way past my window in the blind. I already made my mind up...
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    Road bed runner

    I was walking down a road bed today turkey hunting and was looking down and as I was just starting to climb a hill on the road bed , a coyote was coming head on my way. I stood there and watcched as he had his nose to the ground and in a fairly fast run, he hadnt seen me yet. I got my GPS put...
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    going to the dozzer pile

    Sat.. morning (opening turkey) I got to my turkey hunting place early like at 3;05 because of lots of hunting pressure. I thought I would cut the distance on the other hunters and when one would start coming I would head for the woods and stand at my spot and tell them to go on down(by the way...
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    The old deer house

    My friend has a HUGE deer house and this morning we got up in it before daylight. I set the FOXPRO and my little BIG LOTS dog toy that looks like a rabbitt out at 50 yards. The Foxpro didnt scream maybe minute and a half and here she comes . I didnt have a shot for growed up limbs on one of the...
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    any bear bow shooters?

    Im stuck between the TRUTH2 and THE DONE DEAL bow and was wondering if there is that much of a diff. between WINNERS CHOICE strings and AXLE MOUNTED WEIGHTED dampners on the TRUTH vs. not being on the DONE DEAL,this is a little over $100.00 diff. I know the TRUTH is a little faster but thats not...
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    I think I need to go to the ..........?

    I went solo this morning ,went to one of my usual places in the county,I bow hunt there . I put the foxppro out at 60 yards in a corn field. The sun is starting to come over the trees and I start out with Female Inv. about 3 or 4 of them. The 2 minute mark it was like a coyote had been thrown...
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    Have you ......?

    What about the article in the new FIELD & STREAM on MTN. LIONS ? Have any of you guys read it yet. The article shows how the cats are moving across the USA and a PROff. from SIU is saying the next 10 years they will be in our area . :eek:
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    yote on the run

    Today BowHunter19 and I go make a few stands this morning. On the second stand ,we get settled in BowHunter goes to do a few howls on the Knight and Hale howler followed by some bunny blues and after the 1st howl a coyote runs past me on the down wind moving down a little lane through the woods...
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    bowhunter19 and LBLDOG go after the yotes

    I met up with Bowhunter19 this morning for our first yotehunt,super nice dude. We got set up threw a few Fem. inv. with the Foxpro ,waited 5 minutes and threw at them a little chicken distress, no takers. the 2nd stand we threw them a little grey fox distress and some crying kittens ,again no...