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    What happened????

    I hadn't been on here, in a very long time. Stopped by to read the turkey threads. Noticed this place has slowed down. What's going on?
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    Need a yote hunter

    Lost 2 calves to coyotes, no question about it. I have another that's missing. Safe bet they completely consumed him. Christian County. Pm me if your interested.
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    Bundy family video

    I have posted here a couple of times, about what is going on between the BLM/Forestry Service and some ranching families. Most usually side with the Govt, and that's OK. This is America. This video makes about the case for the ranchers. It does a good job of explaing their side. It's long, but...
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    I won a thousand dollars

    Every single time I visit this site, my phone is taken over. A pop up tells me I've won a thousand dollars. I have get on and off the site a half dozen times before it lets me on. Almost not worth the trouble of visiting.
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    Ethics question

    Hypothetical: Your hunting a lease, or someone has allowed you to hunt their land. You shoot a nice deer 140" maybe more. You are not able to recover the deer, but your quit certain it's dead. Go back to hunting or tap out.
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    Bundy family------Not guilty

    I haven't had time to read anything about it, but I understand that Ammon and Ryan were found not guilty for the Oregan Standoff. Haven't heard anything about the Lavoy shooting, to know where it stands.
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    This is how people do ya

    I lease all of farms out but 2. I've caught a lot of flack for that on here, and it doesn't bother me. We all do what we do, and I do that. Iniatially started, because I was tired of being taken advantage of by family and friends. Figured if I was going to have people on me, I might as well get...
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    The runt killed a double beard

    slate call, she was calling Double barrel 20 gauge stevens.......18 yards Heard some gobbles about 200 yards off. She wanted to run and gun, but I talked her in to staying put. Seemed like he was coming closer. We got buzzed by a hen, and about 5 minutes later he strutted in. She jumped for 5...
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    Limb hanger!

    Called him in with a little push pull from Walmart. 26 pounds (bathroom scales) 10" beard 1 3/8" spurs mossbergh youth 20 gauge
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    They think spring is here

    Like everybody else, I see gobblers strutting year round. They were out in force Saturday and Sunday. I saw no less than 50 showing off.
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    Possum/skunk/coon question

    If one of those three is being a nuisance, can you kill them? I know coons have a season.
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    Looking for a 12 gauge side by side

    Rough shape would be preferred. It will be strapped to the ROPD on a tractor.
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    My rainy day blind

    I went and winterized it today. I don't why I didn't take a picture of it before. I have a camo cloth that goes over it. I also cut a couple of ceders, and throw in front of it. Got a couple of school chairs in it I dug out of a dumpster. Cut the legs down shorter, and they are actuall more...
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    Recommend a pellet gun

    My son has wore out 2 this year. Both were the pump up kind, that I grew up with. Mine lasted forever, they must not make them like they used to. I'd like to get him one that breaks down. Can anybody recommend a good one. Preferably under $200. Well under $200 would be better.
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    Stoeger side by side

    I've got an old 20 gauge stevens side by side. It's actually my go to gun, when I need a shot gun. Only problem is, it's not a 12 Gauge, and it won't shoot 3 inch shells. I been getting by with the 20 for close to 40 years now. I think I'm going to treat myself to a Stoeger 12 gauge side by...
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    Son had a good week

    Got this 9 point with a gun Tuesday. His best deer to date. I haven't been letting him bow hunt. I just didn't think it was ethical, until his skills were up to par. He had really been working on it lately, so I checked off on him going. He double lunged this doe. Shot at 25 yards, and only...
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    My annual rant

    Got a neighbor that joins one of my places. He has a house and lot. It's about 3 acres total. Maybe a shade more. He mows about half an acre, and has let the rest go back to nature. He's got a ladder stand, leaned on the property line. I join him on 3 sides. His other side, faces a little side...
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    Turkey Ammo Question

    Ive got an old double barrel, I'd like one of the kids to kill a turkey with next year. It's chambered for 2 3/4 of course. Not at all sure, how each barrel is choked. I need to find out, but I'd have to let somebody look at it, besides me. What would be a good shell choice for this gun?
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    Growing up with gobblers

    Ages 6-10. Seems like only yesterday, we went for the first time.
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    Quick question

    Sorry for sounding stupid. Can a Mossberg Bantam full choke handle Federal heavyweight #7? Don't want to screw my kids gun up.

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