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    Just curious

    After ~3rd year of entering, I was drawn for Bull Elk rifle in 2019. Hunted w an outfitter for 5 days in Unit 2. Never saw an elk. Wrote a post about my experience on this site if interested. I will get back in when allowed in '22. May never draw again... but...maybe!
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    Lessons Learned Bull Elk Rifle Week 2 2019

    It was exciting to see the conversations created by my post. I wrote that on 12/30/19, as a way to kick some grass over that sh*t and leave it all behind! I just couldn't stay away I know the feeling of drawing that lucky tag! I hope that these conversations may help those who...
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    LBL Turkey Hunting 2020?

    I called the US Forest Service desk at LBL this AM, and the Ranger (?) said that the LBL turkey season will happen! :)
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    LBL Turkey Hunting 2020?

    Every campground and facility is being closed in LBL per their website (effective immediately 9:36 PM 4/2 update). It does not indicate, however, if turkey season is still on or not. Anyone know for sure?
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    Lessons Learned Bull Elk Rifle Week 2 2019

    I wanted to share some thoughts from my Bull Elk Rifle Week 2 2019 hunt with everyone and perhaps those future drawing winners to possibly help them decide how to pursue their own KY elk hunt! I was so excited and fortunate to draw one of the 150 premium rifle tags for KY elk in 2019! Being...

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