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  1. brettfrancis1

    ISO: Boykin Spaniel

    If anyone has a litter or knows of one please message me. Thanks 8595535191
  2. brettfrancis1

    Donation from League of Kentucky Sportsmen will improve grouse

    That may be the best step towards habitat improvement that any group has ever made. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. brettfrancis1

    Tennessee Redbacks

    They're easier targets for predators. Habitat will bring them in easier than restocking. A friend of mine lost a white rabbit some time ago and they've been seeing mixed white spotted rabbits. I guess those rabbits are doing well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. brettfrancis1

    Young Birds

    I've heard lots of opinions about whether the birds start laying based on temperature vs. hours of daylight. I'm finding lots of quail but they only starting pairing up roughly 10 days ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. brettfrancis1

    sport is getting out of hand

    That's a pretty high price for weaned puppies.
  6. brettfrancis1


    Are you referring to English Pointers? Or is this another versatile breed I'm unaware of? The versatile world confuses me. Sorry. I
  7. brettfrancis1


    Lol. Now I'm really confused.
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    What is an "ELP"?
  9. brettfrancis1

    Buying quail from farms/flight pens?

    $4 has been the average for most of the year. Be sure to get the permit if you're raising them. You can keep 100 in your possession without a permit.
  10. brettfrancis1

    2013-14 Kentucky Grouse Season

    Now that's a shooter right there. .410 on Ky Grouse. I have some respect for that. I've been shooting a 28g some this season rather than my usual 12g cannons. It's been fun. A lot lighter as well.
  11. brettfrancis1

    I just saw a pheasant on my farm

    Those are pen raised birds. Maybe it's possible if they are getting results with those released birds. That would be exciting for Ky. I love running into pen raised birds that have been out a while though. They get a little wilder and work well for getting a dog ready for wild birds...
  12. brettfrancis1

    Can dogs not track in this ice/snow?

    Wet snow is awesome. Hard frozen snow is not. Wait until it starts to melt off a little and the track gets hot. A good time to put young dogs down.
  13. brettfrancis1

    I just saw a pheasant on my farm

    Pheasant can travel pretty far. It won't reproduce. I would expect Mt. lions to reproduce before pheasant. It is an exotic species so go ahead and take him. I find some that hang around longer than others. If they are smart enough to find some cover and food they stick around longer. I...
  14. brettfrancis1

    Kennel Under A Tonneau Hard Cover?

    I like the easy loader boxes too. I'm never concerned about a dog getting cold in the box. I've heard lots of bad stories about fumes and heat killing dogs. Has anyone on here ever heard of a dog freezing to death in a dog box? Just curious.
  15. brettfrancis1

    Dog Allergy?

    Some people are using Ivermectin as a treatment for dogs that already have heartworms. If I remember right it was a smaller dosage that slowly killed them off over time. The regular dosage will kill all the worms at once and cause problems. Sounds risky still though.
  16. brettfrancis1

    Dog Allergy?

    There are side effects just like any medication. Trifexis also has side effects. I give 1/10 cc per 10lbs body weight. Use a small syringe to draw it out and then remove the needle once it's drawn. Be sure to only use the plain Ivomec or Noromectin. I also heard a guy this past week...
  17. brettfrancis1

    Dog Allergy?

    Ivermectin clears up a lot of problems and would save money vs the tablets.
  18. brettfrancis1

    Dog Allergy?

    Do you use Ivermectin for heartworms? I've noticed it seems to clear up a lot of skin issues that I've seen. I still spray Vetericyn on everything too.
  19. brettfrancis1

    bird dog questions

    Decisions.... Don't take any single persons advice as the only possible option. Many people also base the entire breed out of what they've seen from a single dog.
  20. brettfrancis1

    Grouse Population

    Last year I didn't post my totals on here from the season. We had some pretty good hunts. I didn't post my numbers because they sounded too good to be true. This year I've been out a couple times in East KY and flown nothing. Only woodcock. Our totals in MI this fall were awesome though.

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