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  1. agr_hunter

    KDFW survey on grouse seasons and limits this week only

    Another good culprit is raccoons. Bad nest robbers and nobody hunts them anymore like they did 20 years ago. My game camera has more raccoons and coyotes than deer or turkey and I don’t even put out corn.
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    Not good....
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    15-16 Kentucky Grouse Season

    Northern Kentucky. Lewis, Fleming, Rowan. Typically this time of year, anything that is still green is where I focus. Greenbiar, Mountain Laurel, or ferns. At little earlier I focus more on transition lines between young saplings and hard mass trees. What part of the state are you and...
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    15-16 Kentucky Grouse Season

    Went the last two days in some prime cover, but looked to be a few weeks late. Nothing left for them to eat. Hit up a few spots that had Mountain Laurel and got some good points, saw sign, but no birds. Hard to find any forage right now.
  5. agr_hunter

    Northwood grouse trips

    Had to come to Madison for work this week so I snuck up to the northwoods for a two day hunt. 21 birds and three bagged in three shots. Still thick, 77 degree afternoons, and lots of bugs. Got into a covey of 5 and 6. Not bad outing considering the conditions and my Brittany was in heat.
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    Northwood grouse trips

    Thank you for the feedback.
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    Northwood grouse trips

    Anyone been to Manistee National Forest in Michigan? Near Baldwin, MI. It's a little shorter drive and I'm trying to throw in an extra trip up north other than Wisconsin.
  8. agr_hunter

    Grouse Drumming

    Heard one opening weekend in Rowan County. Hadn't heard or seen a bird in this spot in years.
  9. agr_hunter

    Grouse Population

    Why can't we trap Northern Grouse for Kentucky?
  10. agr_hunter

    Grouse Population

    Flown two in October on a WMA, not bad for the only grouse hunt I have done. I have had some success with quail this year but when I killed a female my heart sank. I love to hunt with the dogs but I also want to advance the population. Hard to do both.
  11. agr_hunter

    2013-14 Kentucky Grouse Season

    I hunted grouse on a WMA on Sunday. Jumped two, one was a juvenile. The only point was in saplings so thick that all I could here was a flush and didn't see my dog till I was ten feet away.
  12. agr_hunter

    young english setter

    Time. They need to learn through experience, and it takes time.
  13. agr_hunter

    Back from the Northwoods

    Great pics!! Im pumped, we leave next Tuesday for 4 days!
  14. agr_hunter

    LAST CHANCE! Quail hunt of a lifetime!

    How many people are drawn?
  15. agr_hunter

    Back from soggy Michigan.

    Wonder how the duck hunting will be at the end of October? I will be on the Flambeau River and feel like trying to give it a shot.
  16. agr_hunter

    who is going north/ are there birds this yr

    I got a similar report as well. Still early too, seems that mostly bear hunters out right now.
  17. agr_hunter

    who is going north/ are there birds this yr

    Yea that's what I have noticed regarding bird dogs. Seems that once these hounds tree a bear the wolves know the sound and surround them with the pack. Just always concerned. Appreciate your input.
  18. agr_hunter

    who is going north/ are there birds this yr

    Anybody concerned with the wolves?? Wasn't too much until I talked to my contact in Wisconsin and said that recently it really has taken off in the Price, Sawyer, and Ashland County area. My Britt stays close but still concerns me.
  19. agr_hunter

    who is going north/ are there birds this yr

    Will be there on Oct. 30th for four days. Birds may be down, but always better than here.
  20. agr_hunter

    Expectations for the season?

    Great quote, more like those who have are "insane", those who don't are "sane"

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