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  1. NonTyp

    Pistols for sale

    PM a contact number please Thanks
  2. NonTyp

    Another Hunter orange question

    Don’t think that’s correct. Gun season laws supersede archery laws during firearms season.
  3. NonTyp

    Should Hunter orange be a choice?

    I think some people would bitch if they had a gold bar in both front pockets! Too heavy to pack. Lol
  4. NonTyp

    Sick of this crap

    Is that $2 a foot for labor only? I had a guy give me an estimate for a few thousand feet of 5 strand and he asked me $1.75 per ft labor plus materials.
  5. NonTyp

    At What Tempratures do Deer Begin To Spoil

    No joke! They just flew out of a porta-can and land on your food with mustard on their feet!
  6. NonTyp

    Right place wrong time

    Ask Mark if he thinks a booner will live exclusively on a 50 acre mountain top or 321 acres for that matter.
  7. NonTyp

    13 NOV Chosen Frozen Roll Call

    Checking in. Man has to be a little crazy to get outta a warm bed to go sit in 10 degree weather.
  8. NonTyp

    Got it done!

    Congrats bud! He’s a goodun!
  9. NonTyp

    Roll Call 11-12

  10. NonTyp

    11-8-19 roll call.

    Settled in to a crisp 19 degree morning with a 5 mph south wind. Good luck fellas!
  11. NonTyp

    Soggy roll call

  12. NonTyp

    Soggy roll call

    9 degrees this morning with a 5-10 mph North wind topped off with a little snow for us today. Did warm up some to 26. A wonderful day with deer running like crazy!
  13. NonTyp

    ROLL CALL NOV 6...

    Picked this guy off Monday
  14. NonTyp

    ROLL CALL NOV 6...

    120 8 ptr just came through along the standing corn
  15. NonTyp

    Am I the only one.....

    No Kevin bloodied a finger up yesterday. Cut those brow tines off!
  16. NonTyp

    ROLL CALL NOV 6...

    Just had a dink come by
  17. NonTyp

    ROLL CALL NOV 6...

    I’m sitting same stand I shot this doe from yesterday.
  18. NonTyp

    ROLL CALL NOV 6...

    Just saw a buck bumping a couple does around in a CRP field. 100 yards away.
  19. NonTyp

    NM coues.

    Congrats on a dandy coues! Just a giant for the species!
  20. NonTyp

    ROLL CALL NOV 6...

    Headed out in a few here in Iowa just to watch. Been a great hunt already and I’m outta tags. I thank the Ole Man upstairs! Time of year is right, weather is right, just gotta get the right deer in the right spot! Good luck everyone!

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