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    question about land for lease

    Hadn't been here in a very long time. I see the hatred for land owners still persist. The whole hunting should be free crowd cracks up. Different scenario, same mentality: I'd love to have an inground swimming pool. They are just sooooo expensive. I could go to the YMCA and swim basically...
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    I'm disabled come save me.

    1. Are you needing a hunting partner, or a friend? 2. We all feel alone sometimes. That's human nature. 3. Sounds like transportation/economics/new surroundings are limiting factors. Find a church near you, that provides transportation to members. Attend every service, and function. Net...
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    What happened????

    The hunting threads is what I was referencing. Used to be several good/informative/timely topics. Not so much now it seems. I think I see the problem though. I will heed your advice, and move on.
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    Arrowhead hunters?

    The only visible evidence of work is, the lower 1/3 that would be attached to the arrow. The actual point and edges do not appear to be napped on at all. Material to work with, would be very plentiful in my area. The quality of the stone they used, is what got my attention. Made no sense to me...
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    What happened????

    The only thing in this world any of us can change is ourselves.
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    What happened????

    I hadn't been on here, in a very long time. Stopped by to read the turkey threads. Noticed this place has slowed down. What's going on?
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    Arrowhead hunters?

    Sent a pic. Thank you for the generous offer to post it.
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    Arrowhead hunters?

    I wish I could.
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    Arrowhead hunters?

    I found a point. It's unique to me anyway. It's larger than a bird point, but it's obviously made from sedimentary rock. I'm not much of a point hunter, but I am very interested in them. I'm in west Ky. Anybody ever seen something like that before?
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    Hawks and Dogs

    I watched a hawk get one of my barn cats once. Wouldn't necessarily write it down as an actual loss. Not that far fetched that one could get a little lap dog. I'd more Leary of a yote than a hawk.
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    cow pasture turkey

    I hope your being funny. The point was the turkeys are in pasture because they can see. With access to shelled corn in manure, they are eating clover.
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    cow pasture turkey

    Pasture is a good deal for a turkey. Imho visibility is as much of a factor as anything. I feed a mix of about 60% shelled corn, 40% DDG. Feed about 700 pounds a day. We killed 2 Toms youth weekend. Both birds crops were completely full of clover. Not a grain of corn. In the fall season, its...
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    How are the birds working

    I hunted all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Never heard a gobble after they came down from the limb. I normally hunt with out a decoy, and just call. Birds came to a call Saturday morning. Daughter killed a Jake. My son missed a gobbler of a lifetime Saturday morning at 45 yards. We changed...
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    Youth hunt

    I've had two of my 3 in the blind all day. Think I'm going to have them checked for tuberculosis Monday. They've coughed all day.
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    What's your take on this theory

    Out of curiosity, what does one do with a few hundred tons of "chicken by product" if it's not used for soil enhancement? You might also be amused to know deer eat it like it's candy.
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    Gotta few legal questions here... Hoping you guys can help me out.

    It may be a no brainer to this person who complained, but I know for a fact, they won't tell you who complained against you. They may change, if they decide to move forward with charges. Idk.
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    turkey gun

    Stevens 311 double barrel. The full choke barrels the kill shot, the modified is the back up.
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    turkey gun

    Stevens 311 double barrel. The full choke barrels the kill shot, the modified is the back up.
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    Need a yote hunter

    I will be next. Can't get on this backwards, ignorant site for winning some scam.
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    Need a yote hunter

    Lost 2 calves to coyotes, no question about it. I have another that's missing. Safe bet they completely consumed him. Christian County. Pm me if your interested.

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