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  1. muzzy125acc

    You know what I miss?

    Good times...
  2. muzzy125acc


    Did these help?
  3. muzzy125acc


    Bhicks is the trailer restore man. Pm him with any questions.
  4. muzzy125acc

    UTV Winch

    2000 will not work on a utv. Get a 4000 or bigger. I got a warn and used it when needed and it does the job. Sent from a Droid.
  5. muzzy125acc

    Rage Broad Head

    Best heads on the Market.. Sent from a Droid.
  6. muzzy125acc

    Any action post pics!

    Wow. Did you vote for Obama?
  7. muzzy125acc

    Whats Protocol?

    Follow this advice next time. WWBD?? What would Bill Do??
  8. muzzy125acc

    The Rut?

    Anyone know when the rut will start?
  9. muzzy125acc

    My Kentucky 14pt Brute

    You going on guided trips or just lucky? Or are these high fence kills?
  10. muzzy125acc

    Clinton, McCreary or Pulaski Counties

    Only Feesh in these counties. Next try? Sent from a Droid.
  11. muzzy125acc

    Looking For A Hunting Partner

    I will get you for this....:D
  12. muzzy125acc

    Venison for lunch

    Congrats to you sir...
  13. muzzy125acc

    Unfortunately I Think Im Done

    Rotator Cuff. It takes awhile to recover I tore mine in 08 and at times mine is still tender.
  14. muzzy125acc

    Big doe down

  15. muzzy125acc

    2012 buck

    Congrats to you Sir
  16. muzzy125acc

    A few of the better ones

    Nice. Good Luck sir...
  17. muzzy125acc

    Season change

    Honest what's that? I say a lot of guys on this forum has wives that hunt with them. They always kill the first buck..:rolleyes:
  18. muzzy125acc

    HaHa Bill I beat you to one..
  19. muzzy125acc

    Facebook Gripe

    This is how I feel about Bill's Links... OK enough said....

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