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    Sawtooth Oaks question

    I think acorn size is determined by genetics. Your trees are probably Gobbler Sawtooth Oaks which have smaller acorns compared to the regular Sawtooth Oak.
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    Quail (?)

    Your wild quail should return through proper habitat management. Working with your neighbors to expand the amount of suitable habitat around you was an excellent comment above. Contact your local private lands biologist for Bracken County and ask him to write a plan to help you develop your...
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    collared bobcat question

    The department's furbearer biologist is coordinating the bobcat study. Call the general information number 1-800-858-1549 and ask for Laura Palmer.
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    Big story West Nile and Ruffed Grouse

    Found out this past weekend that 25 blood samples have been submitted by Ky grouse hunters so far this season. If you are still holding on to a sample, now is the time to send it in. Mosquitoes were sucking on me during the deer season in November and have already sucked some blood now in...
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    Big story West Nile and Ruffed Grouse

    At the chapter's formation meeting a couple years ago, I recommended that they sink their teeth into a 20-year habitat project as a chapter - something that they could look back on with a sense of accomplishment knowing that they had made a difference for grouse, woodcock, and all the other...
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    Big story West Nile and Ruffed Grouse

    There is an established RGS chapter in Kentucky, the Kentucky River Chapter. See the RGS link below for more information:
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    Trapping elk

    The goal for Wisconsin is 150 animals over the course of 3 to 5 years. That would average out to 30 animals each year for 5 years. Thirty animals seems like a small number compared to the average annual hunter harvest of 561 animals each year for the last 7 seasons. A search of Wisconsin DNR...
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    Cow Hunt and Processor Recommendation

    What county do you plan to hunt? That would help narrow things down a bit.
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    Anybody hunt hogs?

    Hey Phil - The information on that link seems inaccurate to me. Kentucky is definitely not a destination state for hog hunting. I live on the northern end of the Daniel Boone National Forest and it does not have hogs except for that portion that others have mentioned down on the border next to...
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    Cedar thicket logging?

    Cedar markets can be fickle, but you should be able to find a logger to cut those cedars. A couple hundred acres of cedar have been commercially logged at the Clay WMA in Nicholas County since 2012. Start by contacting your county's Division of Forestry office (502-573-1085) and ask for a list...
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    Quota hunt results

    Good for you Chessie202! Those weed fields are the food plots for quail. Ragweed is the number one seed consumed by quail in Kentucky although they consume lots of different seeds. Ragweed only germinates after a disturbance like prescribed fire or disking. Clay staff have been doing a lot...
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    Quota hunt results

    Clay still holds some grouse but not many. On a positive note, hundreds of acres of cedar and hardwoods have been harvested in the past 5 years on Clay. Those regenerating forests will soon provide more grouse habitat. These upland hunts are more about quail. Clay is a quail focus area so...
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    Dove field added Floyd co.

    The sunflowers in this field looked really good. Not sure how many birds have been attracted to the field, but doves are using it based upon a report from Tuesday evening.
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    Woodcock Season Starts Oct 22

    The woodcock season will start earlier this year and will be a split season. The first half will run from Oct. 22 to Nov. 11. The second half will run from Nov. 14 to Dec. 7. I cannot wait to get out there on the 22nd. Migratory bird hunters - remember to get your HIP number prior to hunting...
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    Clay booth dove field

    The Booth Tract dove fields did get planted. The sunflowers look good so far based upon a conversation with the biologist there last week. Some of the fields were planted in winter wheat and some in millet. By diversifying the grain crops, something should attract doves in case the sunflowers...
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    Grouse Drumming

    The drumming routes in Kentucky are driving routes that consist of 15 stops separated by a half mile. Time spent at each stop is 4 minutes. A link to the latest report is pasted below. Kentucky just hired their first Program Coordinator dedicated to grouse and turkey...
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    Chestnut trees

    The latest chestnut research news is very exciting. The insertion of one gene from wheat has created a blight-resistant American chestnut tree. You can read about it at the link below...
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    Kentucky's Consulting Foresters can be found at the following link:
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    15-16 Kentucky Grouse Season

    Thought I was going to have a good shot opportunity yesterday. I noticed a patch of cover within the cover, specifically a tree top blowdown with grapvines tangled in it. The dog had already passed downhill of it but I decided to walk uphill directly to it and give the dog another chance. He...
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    Anyone hear anything about the Dewey Lake quota hunt this year

    Twenty (20) deer were harvested during the quota hunt. Those deer do not show up on Telecheck because confirmation numbers were issued at the hunt check station to each successful hunter. About 106 hunters checked in out of 150 drawn. They reported seeing 849 deer in total for the weekend...

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