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    Muddy camera

    The picture quality could be set higher or it might just take better quality photos if it is a different model. Those things would result in filling up an SD card faster
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    Ground Blinds I have been using a band around a tree nearest to my location for a long time. While turkey hunting or hunting out of a blind.
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    New job at same company

    My dream phone call!! Congratulations!
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    What's working for me right now....

    Great report!
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    Tunnel hull jet boat

    Growing up in PA these are the boats people ran if you wanted to fish rivers in a powered boat. I never owned one but plenty of friends did. They are about the only option if you want to run skinny water at high rates of speed. Higher maintenance than a standard outboard but you are fishing...
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    Cave Run Lake campgrounds

    Stayed at twin knob October of 2020. Clean bathrooms/washrooms. Lots of shade in the loop I was on. Water at each site if I remember correctly. I don’t have high standards for campgrounds and this place had all I needed. Lots of use so I would reserve a spot as soon as they become available.
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    Ky. Record Fish procedure

    I believe the state recently purchased scales and had them certified for each district. So you should be able to find who in your district has the scale and get their contact info. I believe a call to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife would tell you everything you need to know
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    Oppose HB 395 - Major Changes to F&W

    Ed I agree on the government not being able to run much of anything but I believe keeping the KDFWR as independent as possible is best for hunters and anglers in this state. Like Beagler said we fund KDFWR. I think we as sportsman have to do a better job of holding them accountable.
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    Oppose HB 395 - Major Changes to F&W

    Did the department of agriculture have anything to do with the success or lack there of when it comes to hemp in the state of Kentucky??? I am no farmer but I think I remember some posts on this very website about farmers be unhappy with the way hemp was sold as the new cash crop and then were...
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    Oppose HB 395 - Major Changes to F&W

    Yes sir that is my understanding and the reason for my statement
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    Oppose HB 395 - Major Changes to F&W

    In my opinion departments of agriculture on both the state and federal levels are to blame for the spread of CWD in this country. I would rather they continue to try and figure out how they are going to bring back the soil health in this country because it is only going downhill.
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    Oppose HB 395 - Major Changes to F&W

    With a lot of people home today it would be a great day to read about this House bill and take action!
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    Oppose HB 395 - Major Changes to F&W

    I will try and bump this post through the weekend. Please do your part in stopping this bill from moving forward.
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    Bobby Garland

    These are great for white bass also
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    Oppose HB 395 - Major Changes to F&W

    Please share this with as many outdoorsman as possible. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to become a member of The Kentucky Chapter of Hunters and Anglers to stay updated with the things that are most impactful on Kentucky’s outdoorsman.
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    Schwab’s pipes n stuff in Lexington. Always helpful and a huge selection for a city the size of Lexington. Jake’s Cigar Bar on the Lexington and Nicholasville boarder just off Brannon Rd. I believe they have a humidor and decent selection. I would call first.
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    What western state?

    I lived in Colorado from 2014-2017. It is beautiful but filled with Californians and homeless ppl also the cost of living is way to high. My opinion is Montana is right behind it, as well as Idaho. I believe even as a resident drawing tags in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah is the name of the game...
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    Cabin build

    I wanted to own one my whole adult life. Then last year I was part of building one and I can now say I would never own one. If you are dead set on building one it better have a crawl space or full basement.
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    Personally always wanted to hunt the Edmonton bow zone.

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